A regular environmental feature in Boundless magazine - together with events, workshops and journalism placements in Bristol

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £8,250 of £8,000 target with 61 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

With the extra money we would be able to:

  • Keep running Boundless for many years to come.
  • Create more journalism placements to get people from disadvantaged backgrounds into media and publishing, including training people in environmental reporting and linking them up with journalists who do this coverage in other countries.
  • Developing the Regional Editors' Network.

Every pound counts!

The world of publishing is changing, and Boundless magazine needs your support to continue. What is it about this magazine that makes it so special?

  • Run by a publishing social enterprise (Arkbound), the only one of its type in the region;
  • Provides opportunities for local talented writers and artists from disadvantaged backgrounds to exhibit their work;
  • Covers important issues on a local, national and international level (in previous editions  the magazine has looked at tax evasion, climate change, homelessness in Bristol, the housing crisis, transportation, Bristol's slavery history, scams, and lots more!);
  • Produced by local people with direct experience of the issues they are writing about - a 'hands off', grassroots editorial approach with lots of opportunities for people to contribute to the production;
  • Helps give practical experience, knowledge and skills to aspiring journalists from disadvantaged backgrounds (part of the Council of Europe's Accelerating Diversity initiative);
  • An ethos rooted in collaboration - part of the Earth Journalism Network, Climate News Network, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations - with good links to other media that allows for cross-featuring;
  • The magazine can be sold on the street by homeless people, enabling them to make an income (it is a local and fairer alternative to the Big Issue);
  • Fully regulated by the UK's only Leveson-compliant regulator.

Boundless is based above Emmaus (homeless charity) and has four previous editions. It started in October 2015 and each edition has averaged 10,000 copies, printed locally using environmentally friendly material and distributed by bike and foot (for this the magazine won a 'Go Green' award in 2016). It is available to read in community venues across Bristol - cafes, bars, barbers, libraries, restaurants, etc - as well as being delivered to subscribers and sold by homeless vendors. Here is what some people have said about Boundless:-

 "Boundless is a real gem - combining local stories with features on international topics untouched by other media." - Suzanne Collins, subscriber

"The magazine helped me get off drugs and into proper employment, getting me out of a real low point in my life." - 'Ben', former Boundless street vendor

"Arkbound gave me a chance to gain an insight into publishing. I learnt ways to network with local contacts, collate content for publication and improve my editing skills to ensure content was to the best quality. Really happy with the knowledge and experience I gained there." - Tallulah Lewis,  journalism intern

Environmental initiatives and climate change

 Funding is needed to contribute towards the production costs for the 5th edition of Boundless, launched in time for the 2017 Bristol Balloon Fiesta.  We will have a feature that combines coverage of climate change on an international level with local initiatives that are succeeding in changing people's environmental impact.

This is not all: we can use the money raised to ensure that each and every edition of Boundless maintains this important theme. Everything from interviewing people and photography to editing and printing can be covered.  As a unique award, there is also the opportunity to sponsor appropriate articles and adverts - with a focus on ethical local enterprises, organisations that do good work in the community, and ways of life that do not harm the planet.

Events and placements

The money we raise will also go towards a series of events, the first of which will be held at a community venue to coincide with the launch of the magazine. Inspirational authors, poets and performance artists will be invited to these events in order to encourage a large, diverse audience. With live music and food, we want to ensure these events can further the work of the magazine: principally, to raise awareness of environmental sustainability and to promote social inclusion.

Local author Tom Burgess talks at our last Boundless launch at the Bristol Energy Hub

There is more! The magazine also wants to support people coming from positions of financial difficulty and exclusion to start earning a tangible income. To this end, we offer it to vendors who can sell it on the streets. The model is similar to 'The Big Issue' but works our fairer for vendors as, if they do not sell any copies that they have bought, they get their money back. In addition, vendors and others from disadvantaged groups will be able to contribute content and will be given journalism placements in which they learn key editing, writing, interviewing, research, publishing and other skills - thereby enabling them to access onward employment. 

This project needs your help to continue.

Every backer is greatly valued and appreciated!

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