Bounce Back - My cancer story

by alison in 

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This is a book about having the courage, not just to physically live, but to find and live your truth and to actually be “in your life”

by alison in

Project aim

Assist me to market my book, Bounce Back - How to ReBound from Health Challenges Using Resilience to Truly LIVE! This book is about how I have turned my cancer dignosis into a gift and hope that anyone in a similar situation can reasd how I have done this in my  book and do the same. 

My life is now much more purposeful, I appricaite many more aspects of it and live it being muc more trutheful to myself doing many more thngs I enjoy and much fewer things to pleaae and get approval. Once I was able to move from the anger and sadness of my diagnisis by working at expressing my emotios and then improving my resilience I realised my life is precious.

This book is about finding the courage, not to just physicallly live, but to find and live you truth and really be in your life. To look deeply at the parts in you that are preventing you from living an enriched, joyful life with purpose and fulfilment.  


About the project

My motives for writing and publsihing this book are driven from my own experience of a cancer diagnisis in July 2014. I was offered conventional medicines and treatment but decided.  I decided I would prefer to attempt to self heal after reasearching the medical approach and seeing that the options available to me were potentially more harmful than the condition itself. 

My book is quite simply about how my ability to be resilient influenced my health, I can now see how the way I was reacting to adverse events, overthinking. expecting the worst, poor eating, lack of emotional relief, lack of fun and laughter and having many unsupportive beliefs over many years was impacting my health. Many of the behaviours, habits and feelings I had, had been a result of my pushing down emotions such as sadness, resentment and anger. This created a chemical environment in my body that was a time bomb. Eventually my body could stand no more and cancer was my bodies way of saying "It's time to STOP doing what your doing" 

As much as it was my low resilience that I believe created cellular change (directly and indirectly) in my body, I now understand that it was my improvement in how resilient I can be that is assisted me wiith my healing. I feel my book will inspire many to be empowered to take control in there own health and they can do this if they are informed of what really influence's health. How our emotions, beliefs and thoughts influence our internal environment and then how we behave and the habit we form then impacts on the chemistary and hormone balance in our bodies.

So far I have recieved funds to assist with the production of the cover and photography. Funds are still required for printing, publication and editing and marketing my book so that as many people as possible can see how EVERY SINGLE choice we make in life is influencing every cell in out bodies!!

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