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by Grant Morement in Hooton Roberts, England, United Kingdom


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We want to create the next generation of business management software (all in one solution) - fluid, adaptable, affordable and community led

by Grant Morement in Hooton Roberts, England, United Kingdom


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Can you believe that despite us living in an age of progressive technological advancement and growing business innovation that there are still companies out there that don't use the correct (if any) business management systems (BMS) to support their day to day operations! There are hundreds, possibly thousands of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Client Relationship Management (CRM) software options on the market today but some companies still prefer to work with outdated processes, funneling everything through excel spread sheets or writing everything down on paper.


If there are so many options on the market, then why does this happen?


From our experience this issue usually happens because:



Why don't the vendors want to fix these issues?
The most popular ERP, CRM and BMS software vendors today tend to develop their platforms either for larger businesses who can afford big licencing costs, or manufacture cheaper/basic platforms for smaller companies that are too inflexible to deal with the companies full requirements. Consequently, because of this 'build-for-profit' manufacture ethic the traditionalist tend to play it safe and carry on working as they have done for the past decade and new business operators deploy cheaper platforms making their own internal processes weaker by result. In most cases the deployment of an inferior/inappropriate platform (or no platform at all) forces the operator to support their operations with multiple human controlled systems, complicating the work process flow, increasing the companies dependents and wasting company resources.  



A business management system (in it's simplest format) should optimist how a company operates; automating repetitive tasks, linking and sharing information between different departments, making connections, reducing human error, promoting efficient working processes and providing guidance/insights on how to work. 


I can guarantee you that over half of the business management systems in the market today (including the most popular brands) don't accomplish this and in some way restrict the way the deploying company operates. 


These are all issues we believe we can fix!



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Before we started this project back in 2017 me and my colleagues sat down and talked about how we were going to proceed; what we were going to do differently from the main stream vendors? what we were going to build? how we were going to compete with other products in the market? In the end we decided that we wouldn't look at other products, instead we would build a platform that resolved the issues preventing companies from adopting business management solutions. 

Our Five Point Strategy


1. Fluid Framework - We will avoid traditional 'fixed' platform blueprints and create something that is capable of supporting any business process, in any business sector and still feel like it has been specifically designed for the deploying company.  Furthermore, the platform will also be capable of supporting multiple departments within a business module, promoting inter-departmental connectivity and provide multiple access levels so each employee has their own interface (specific to their role).  


2. Holistic Data Management - Data structures and interfaces will also be made 'fluid' to allow the deploying organization to easily create, view and manage business specific assets and components (products, accounts, quotations, services ect..) with no excessive overheads or restrictions. 


3. Migratable - The platform will include its own data migration system, capable of converting exiting company data (from spreadsheets) into platform ready components. No need to recreate or omit existing company information, simply upload and convert.


Additionally, data can also be migrated outwards into existing company templates, so no need to change existing systems or put up with inflexible output formats!

4. Simple and Supportive - The platform will be designed so that anyone in the company can operate it with little/no training (easy to use, no confusing terminology, easy to manage and setup). A complete set of training resources will be made freely available (demos, tutorials, manuals) as well as access to the BOS online community.   

Our customers will also dictate how the platform evolves through a community led online development system

5. Value for Money - It has to be affordable and unlike most software vendors offer a one company, one licence, one price package. No contract tie-ins, no hidden costs and additional fee's for new features! 




Over 75% of these features have already been integrated into the platform: 

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More functions and tools are to be added during the development phase, including Accounting, Book Keeping and Scheduling facilities. 

Platform                                          Java 10

Operating System                           Windows 7-10

Preferred Processor Number           4

Recommended RAM Space              512MB

Recommended Hard Drive Space    10MB for Platform / DataBin Varies

Internet Connection                         Standard - Strong

Operational Format                         Offline – Intranet based


Our plan is to have a BETA version of the platform completed ready for testing at the start of July 2019, with a commercial development version made ready for UK sale at the end of October 2019. To do this in the time-frame proposed we will need to hire two additional support programmers to assist us whilst we ALPHA test/sign-off the above features list, migrate the prototype code from JAVA 8 to JAVA 10 (faster and cleaner run-time), deploy an online customer development platform, deploy an official website and package the software ready for deployment.


Proposed Timeline of Events


> Mar - Jun 2019: BETA version of the platform is developed and packaged ready for pre-commercial deployment. A social media page will be active to provide updates until the official website and community development platform are completed

> May 2019 (For Gold Package Investors only): Pre-release design seminar to be held in Sheffield. Includes a full product run through, setup procedures, outline of goals and the official start of the community development process

> Jul 2019: Official Website, community development platform and social media network links go 'live'. BETA version of the platform is released to Crowdfunder investors (platform to be shared by a secure link on the website)

> Aug - Oct 2019: BUG Fixing and further platform development is carried out. Source materials and further support documentation are added to the website for community access (training guides, demo's, tutorials ect...)

> Oct 2019: Development Phase ends, commercial version of platform is made available to the UK

> 2020 - Onward: Continuing development of platform


To provide our clients with a FULLY integrated business management solution we also hope to eventually incorporate CAD tools, auto-estimating functions, AI management, auto-email marketing system, mobile app support and online (cloud) database storage options. We also have plans to globalize the platform in 2020.


Over the next couple of years we want to create something special, free of big business influence, affordable and unique.


We hope that you will be apart of it.



As kids we were obsessed with films like Tron and War Games. They showed us that with enough skill a computer programmers could accomplish anything! So when we were 12 years old we taught our selves how to code and started creating our own games in JAVA and Visual Basics. 


20 years later, we haven't lost our passion for software development. We've utilized our skills to make the companies we've worked with more efficient and profitable. 


In 2009 we created and deployed our first business support package for our (at the time) employer, a simple CRM system with a built in Project Manager to replace the existing Excel supported system.


In 2013 we sold our first software package (QUOTE-PRO) to a multi-national joinery manufacturer who's previous platform was losing the company over £20,000 a month through its inefficiencies and inflexible design structure. Processes were long winded, interfaces were difficult to read, products were sometimes impossible to design and the final outputted client quotation was commercially ineffective. Our system (which I believe is still used today) allowed its users to quickly create joinery packages with little/no technical experience and produce an outputted quotation that better suited their customer base.  


In 2016 we created and deployed a Estimating/Scheduling Platform (Q2Q) at our current employing company. Previously everything was being run through Excel which caused major issues with technical conformance, specification uniformity, commercial viability and department inter-connectivity. Within 6 month of its deployment our platform corrected all these faults, improved department efficiencies and played a big role in the companies expansion in 2017-18.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Silver Package

Advanced package for investors looking to get early access to the product, with some extra perks and additional technical support. Package Includes: > BETA Copy of Platform (July 2019) > Full Business Licence for 2 Years (standard business licence will cost £75.00 per year) > Framework Setup Assistance > Training Resource Access

£50 or more

Bronze Package

Basic package for investors looking to get early access to the product with some extra perks. Package Includes: > Full Business Licence for 1 Year (standard business licence will cost £75.00 per year) > BETA Copy of Platform (July 2019)

£150 or more

Gold Package

Platinum package for investors who want a say in the final design of the product before its BETA release in July 2019. Package Includes: > BETA Copy of Platform > Full Business Licence for 3 Years (standard business licence will cost £75.00 per year) > 1-2-1 Training at Business Premises (UK Mainland Only) > Invitation to Platform Pre-Release Design Conference (see options) > Training Resource Access > Framework Setup Assistance

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