BorrowA - Sharing for the future

BorrowA will revolutionise lending and borrowing, just like how eBay revolutionised the humble car boot sale!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Welcome to the BorrowA crowdfunding page!

What is BorrowA:

BorrowA is an online marketplace where you can engage with your local community to either borrow items for a reasonable fee or to lend them out for profit.

BorrowA started as an ideology over a year ago. It was purely a vision of sustainability and community development mixed with personal convenience and the enjoyment of interaction.

Thanks to crowdfunding we are now able to take further steps towards turning BorrowA into a reality.

We have developed this innovative initiative into a viable social enterprise that will see communities being put back in touch with themselves, enable members of the public to lend out their items for financial reward and allow people to experience a less wasteful society by borrowing items that they would otherwise have to buy. 

It is designed to be a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone and we hope it will benefit every user that enters the website that will be made possible through this campaign.


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Pledge £5 and over:

A big thankyou for supporting us and our project!

Pledge £10 and over:

A loud shout out on Facebook as well as a Key Ring that you can proudly carry with you as a token of our appreciation!

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Backers Mug! Remind yourself everyday of the support you have given us with this luxury BorrowA branded mug!

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Limited edition 'BorrowA' Logo T-Shirt. (Available in Navy, White or Burgundy)

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Gold Standard Merchandise Pack including Limited Edition Sharing And Caring Hoody,  Keyring, BorrowA Mug and *6 Months* VIP Access to BorrowA once lanched.

Pledge £150 and over:

*12 Month* VIP access to BorrowA once launched plus be amongst the FIRST few to view the website before it goes live with an exclusive walk through over the phone with someone from the BorrowA team! Plus Sharing and Caring Hoody!

Pledge £250 and over:

Become an exclusive member of the Website Review Panel! Have your say on features, design and development! Plus be in constant contact with the BorrowA team so you always know what is going on! Includes Sharing and Caring Hoody and *12 Month* VIP access to BorrowA once launched!

Pledge £500 and over:

Reserved advertising space on the finished website for a year for your company/organisation/blog! A great opportunity due to the amount of website traffic we aim to achieve! Valued at over £2500, this is an opportunity not to be missed. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!

Pledge £1000 and over:

Practically part of the team, you will be considered to be a *Lifetime VIP* plus Exclusive Walk Through Guide via phone call with the BorrowA team before official website launch! As well as a direct line of communication with the Founders of BorrowA to discuss additional features and further development! For more information about these opportunities and more message us on the Facebook Page.


(Please note final designs may vary slightly to those pictured above)