Fund the Boris Johnson prosecution post JCIO

by MarcusJBall in London, England, United Kingdom


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To set a precedent against lying in politics by continuing the prosecution case against Boris Johnson via a JCIO complaint on our case.

by MarcusJBall in London, England, United Kingdom

January 2020 update: The JCIO has refused to act against the judges and our intention now is to begin a new prosecution case against Boris Johnson. My biggest focus will be on a communications campaign to improve public understanding of our work before we prosecute again. If you wish to assist me with this then please do contribute to the crowdfund page to help pay off the debt and fund our new communications strategy. We cannot give up. Everyone else is accepting a 'new normal' when it comes to lying in politics. We will never accept this.

If you wish to assist me with this then please do contribute to the crowdfund page to help pay off the debt and fund our new communications strategy

Dear backers,

You may remember that shortly after our prosecution case shut down, I sent out a video telling you all that I felt that something was wrong, that something had happened behind the scenes. After a lot of hard work, I believe I have discovered what was hidden from us. Never say I don’t work hard for us :)

You can read the full complaint right here: 

Click this link to read the JCIO complaint letter. It alleges that both judges had connections with the accused and his behaviour which formed appearances of bias. This should have prevented them from sitting on the case.

Covered by the press:

The Times: 


What’s the plan now?

I have asked the JCIO to consider our complaint against these judges. If they rule in our favour it is possible that they could be recused from our case. This would then mean that our case would need to be heard again, by different judges. 

How can you help?

I need you all to start being more vocal and visible on this work online and in social media. Powerful and wealthy people I’ve been in contact with are too scared to associate themselves with our work despite hoping that we’ll be successful. We need to become a normal people movement instead which communicates the values behind our work so that everyone understands what we’re about and why we’re doing this. 

In short: we want to set a precedent against lying in politics. The good thing about the election result was that everybody will now understand that our case isn’t about stopping Brexit. It’s so clearly going to happen now that it’s no longer an issue. Our case was always legally incapable of stopping Brexit.

The obvious issue is financial. I am currently in approximately £340,000 of debt and I decided I wouldn’t ask you for help with that the moment I was told that the case was dead. But now, I’ve uncovered all of this. I have faith that this case can and should be heard again. I am going to crowdfund again to get out of debt and on top of things again.

However, the costs of this case are becoming too great. I am considering no longer using paid legal representation and instead representing myself in court. Nobody knows the case better than me and I’ve been speaking in public extensively over the last decade. We can’t afford to hire lawyers full time on the case, but only someone who is on it full time should speak. 

My question for you:

Will you continue to financially support me to help me get out of debt and hopefully get this back into court?

Will you be more vocal and visible online in support of our work and in defence of me? I am taking a lot of flack and I need you at my back.

Let me know,

Marcus J ball

Private Prosecutor


What has happened to the money already raised?

All of this has been spent, mostly on legal fees:

Crowdfund 1: £145,260 

Crowdfund 2: £33,895 

Crowdfund 3: £25,275 

Crowdfund 4: £456,088


I currently owe this:

Outstanding legal team costs: £240,000 (aprx)

Ordered by judge to pay to Boris Johnson: £101,000 (aprx) 

(Yes, the same judge who used to be Mayor Boris Johnson's lawyer and didn't tell anyone).


This is how much I’ve been costing:

Marcus's upkeep per hour (first two and a half years): £7.58

Marcus upkeep per 12 months (first two and a half years): £23,647.66

(Crowdfunders raised money specifically for this purpose and future money raised will be used in part to upkeep Marcus)


Financial Spending Reports(Stop Lying In Politics Ltd.):

Original detailed report

Company Accounts 1st year and a half

Company Accounts 2nd year

Company Accounts 3rd year due September 2020


Polite note to journalists:

I have stopped publishing completely detailed spending reports because I don't have enough time at present to produce them and handle everything else(no admin team). I am also not encouraged to do so when tabloid journalists abuse them to falsely claim that I've spent £50,000 on cupcakes and self defence classes. Cut the sh#t please! :)

Let's make 'Fund the Boris Johnson prosecution post JCIO' happen

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