Who is Bore Off? Bore Off is a unique and innovative apparel company dedicated to helping those in need as well as dressing you in style...

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Who is Bore Off? Bore Off is a unique and innovative apparel company dedicated to helping those in need, dressing our clients in style and having a cheeky sense of humour. We sell merchandise emblazoned with the phrase ‘Bore Off,’ and we help others by raising money for major charities that are close to our hearts.

So, what does Bore Off mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, Bore Off is a command given to someone boring or annoying. For example: "I can't come out tonight, I’m washing my hair."  "Bore off, then!"

This handy phrase has become extremely popular with the general public and with many famous faces. You’re likely to hear this chiding remark on TV, the radio, on social media, and in the papers. #BoreOff now gets tweeted around 50’000 times a month by people of all ages, from the Twitter accounts of A-list celebrity’s right through to the general public.

The Idea

In January 2012, founder Lee McKervey wanted to bring a product to market that could have a greater impact on the world. "I recall getting the idea from Lord Sugar," says Lee. “While watching The Apprentice, I remember hearing Lord Sugar say that he was more of a product man, and that service providing was just not for him. ‘Too much hassle,’ were his exact words.”

“Having spent most of my working life in the catering and service providing industry I could relate to where Lord Sugar was coming from, with competition always looming over your shoulder and vast profit margin cuts, I knew that the industry was extremely tough. You are only as good as your last job or in my case, “my last lunch.”

Lee continued to read between the lines, and he quickly identified that creating a product that everyone loves would add real security to his life -  this is what inspired him to create product that would have the potential to become a worldwide seller and help others, too.

One day Lee was scrolling through the repetitive boring posts on Facebook, and he thought to himself “I wish there was a ‘Bore Off’ button on here.” Something resonated within him - he realised that this was a catchy phrase, prompting him to wonder, “Can I do anything with this?”

Knowing nothing about trademarking, he decided to check if phrase itself had been trademarked, and quickly became aware that ‘Bore Off’ was available. He spent the next three years protecting the name, which did not come without its hassles and hard work - but eventually, he gained ownership to the intellectual property rights of the words ‘Bore Off’ in over 56 countries.

During this trademarking process, Lee spent my time researching the market he was about to enter, understanding his target market, and knowing his competitors and sourcing suppliers.

In August 2015, Lee felt that he was now ready to launch his brand, but he was in need of a decent marketing budget, so he decided to look for the best possible loans available. Lee details, “Whilst compiling my research I came across the Virgin start-up loans that come with a bespoke personal mentor. I knew that this was an offer I could not refuse! I looked into the application process, and after many months of putting together a comprehensive business plan I managed to secure the loan.” This loan and mentoring process has made all the difference, and now the Bore Off brand is reaching new heights of success.

Launch - #BoreOffCancer

After losing his mother to lung cancer in 2004, Lee had a burning desire to help others affected by this terrible disease. During his mother’s battle with cancer, Lee’s entire family was supported by the Macmillan Cancer Support Nurses.

This kind and compassionate care inspired the #BoreOffCancer Campaign. Lee decided to launch a range of T-Shirts so that he could donate a healthy percentage of each sale to the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity. He has enlisted celebrities such as Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Alexander Burke, Joey Essex, Ella Ayre, Laura Whitmore and even Sir Richard Branson himself has showed his love for the #BoreOffCancer campaign by tweeting about it.

Below is a picture of Kate Moss, Stella McCartney & Sir Paul McCartney showing their support for #BoreOffCancer

In Lee’s words, “My plan is to make #BoreOffCancer a global success and raise as much money as possible for those affected by this terrible disease.

But we do not just want to stop there; I plan to turn Bore Off into a social enterprise and help many other worthy causes. For example #BoreOffBullies is another campaign that is close to my heart, and we plan to have a #BoreOffBullies campaign launched by 2017. This campaign will help raise awareness about bullying and provide support for children and schools affected.”   

Bore Off - the Fashion Brand

As ‘Bore Off’ has become extremely popular, it’s fair to say that there is a huge demand for the phrase and an opportunity to make the Bore Off brand a global success and high street favourite that does good at the sametime. 

Thanks for reading, and look forward to your kind support.