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You want as many as people as possible to support your project.

We did it!

On 25th Dec 2013 we successfully raised £70 of £70 target with 2 supporters in 49 days

You want as many as people as possible to support your project.

We need you to help us raise £70 which will enable our school to have a pack of five fruit trees, which we can plant in our school grounds and teach all our pupils the importance of growing our own produce.

It only takes seven people to pledge £10 and recieve a discount on a Woodland Trust membership to get us to our target and recieve trees to plant in the school. We can do this!

We believe this project is so beneficial to all our pupils, we will be able to educate on sustainable and local produce and by planting our own trees we will be able to do this with our very own produce. Just one pack will provide us with five fruit trees including two apples, one pear, one plum and one quince. All trees are kindly donated by Otter Farm. The fruit trees are two years old and will fruit next year.

Our campaign is supported by Abel and Cole, The Woodland Trust and River Cottage, who are both kindly donating some amazing rewards.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said: “I find the idea that the next generation could be growing more fruit, eating more fruit and cooking their fruit in a much more creative way incredibly exciting. I want to do what I can to make that happen.”

With your help we can get all our pupils involved with a great project and show them how much benefit five trees can make to our school. We can use the fruit in our canteen and allow children to eat it during the school day. This also promotes healthy eating.
Please support us and help our school start a sustainable project with real educational benefit. All the trees are provided by Otter Farm. 

Thank You

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