Borderline - The Play

by Calima Productions in London, England, United Kingdom

Borderline - The Play
We did it
On 20th December 2018 we successfully raised £200 with 4 supporters in 28 days

We want to shine a light on women's mental health, hoping to destigmatize people suffering from it, by striking up a conversation.

by Calima Productions in London, England, United Kingdom


Can we escape from our darkest thoughts?

The thoughts that torment us.

That consume us.

That push us to our limits.

To the Borderline.

This December, London-based theatre company Calima Productions is bringing its new show, BORDERLINE to the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town for a three-day run. 

Director Esther Fernández says about Borderline, I believe that the stories we know shape who we are. As a director I am focused on giving a voice to the less represented on stage because to achieve an egalitarian society, we need better stories.


As you might know, the costs of living, transport and producing theatre in London are excruciatingly expensive. That is why we need a little bit of help from you, stranger. We are a group of women in an amazing journey, being fierce and brave exploring places where we have not gone before. Taking risks is a wonderful thing, but it should not mean that we risk our own financial safety.

The producing company has invested part of their own money into this beautiful project, but it is not enough. 

What is the money for?

The money that we raise, will cover the purchase of:

  • Costumes. They are the visual key to this play, the costumes carry a whole language that will help to decipher the character and therefore the story.
  • Set. Although our set is quite minimalistic, we will create a backdrop to break the monochrome aspect of our theatre venue (it is a black box).
  • Insurance for the actors. A requirement to perform in a fringe theatre venue.
  • Posters, flyers and programmes. The way to reach more people is to give flyers away and every theatre production needs to have their own programmes for the show nights and posters to advertise on the theatre.
  • Cover some salaries that won't be taken from the box office earnings, as we cannot earn enough due to the small size of the theatre and seats available.

On the Company - Calima Productions

Calima Productions is a newly created company with the aim of putting more women on stage performing roles that are not designed by the male perspective, where usually women are trapped in small or non-speaking roles where her body and their capacity to seduce a male (visually) is the most valued skill. Calima Productions' tool to do so is to work with female identifying writers to create a space for their words and experiences to be heard.


About the play and concept

The play was originally written as part of Theatre Deli’s 28 Plays Later challenge earlier this year, and selected as one of the finalists that were performed in London. Borderline has been rewritten and expanded to include a wider palette of characters over the summer, resulting in a poetic piece that combines the real with the imaginary and brings the inner world to the surface, exposing truths and releasing fears out into the open. The things that torment us. The things that we don’t talk about. The thoughts that consume us. That push us to our limits. To the Borderline.
This play merges the real with the imaginary in order to tell the tales of women struggling and surviving in a world that was not shaped for them. A poetic piece that confronts us with our inner selves, exposing truths and releasing fears out into the open.  An all female ensemble come together to tell the tales of struggle, survival, and the invisible damages of traditional feminine gender roles.

Each of the monologues explores different mental disorders, using different characters and stories to create empathy, so that the audience can be kinder when listening to their issues and lives, as most people do not want to deal with this rather complicated stories. The most important thing is that they are real, and they affect a bigger percentage of the population than most would like to know. The whole team is working tirelessly to create a play that is truthful and respectful of the "owners" of these stories. Some of the stories we tell is us.



Sanaa Byfield

Sanaa Byfield is a Jamaican actor and theatre-maker. Growing up crossing borders, she also wants to create and be involved in work that increases social awareness and discussion around taboo subjects.  

Sanaa trained at the Jacques Lecoq School.  

Theatre credits include:
- Lady in Blue in For Colored Girls (Geneva, Switzerland);
- Stage Manager in Our Town (Geneva, Switzerland);
- Roz in Roundelay (Geneva, Switzerland)
- Various collaborative and devised creations in Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France.

Georgie Halford

Initially trained at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, followed by London School of Dramatic Art, The Actors Class and National Youth Theatre.

Theatre credits include:

- South Kentish Town (Arcola Theatre) 

- One Born Astride of A Grave (ACT Theatre)

- Talkabout (Riant Theatre/Rosemary Branch Theatre) 

- The Phallic Earth Society (Old Red Lion Theatre) 

- Blink (The Lion and Unicorn Theatre).

Ashley Rose Kaplan

Ashley is a classically trained New York actress, singer & writer.
Her credits range from the small screen to the stage. Most recently she can be found in the short film FLOWER SONG by Jack Jewers, played a judge in the all female production of Jean Genet's THE BALCONY directed by Velenzia Spearpoint, & made her directorial debut with the short play#STRONGNOTSKINNY at The Bread & Roses Theatre.
During her professional training, Ashley penned & performed her one woman show: An Afternoon with Lydia Wickham, Nee Bennet directed by Alison King.

Katie McLeod

Katie graduated at Arts Ed with a Masters in acting. In the last year Katie has made her writing debut, producing and performing in a piece that explores the pressures of modern life through the close relationship of comedy and tragedy. 'Losing My Mindfulness' toured throughout Southern England and enjoyed a full Edinburgh run.

Theatre credits include:

- The Magdalene Sisters

- Norse Tales at the TheatreFest 

- The Sentence at the Cheltenham Everman.

Lilian Tsang

Lilian is a London based actress originally from Hong Kong.She trained at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Since graduating, she has delved into theatre, film and television.
Her most recent theatre credits include:
- The Third Eye at the Melanin Box Festival,
- I Will Still Be Whole at Theatre Deli's Beyond Borders Festival,
- Skin Deep at Camden Fringe and No Feedback.


Director - Esther Fernández

As a director, her work focusses on feminism and empowering the unrepresented. Growing up in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a port city where people from around the globe meet, she believes that diversity, respect and equality are extremely important in life in general, and in her approach to theatre in particular.

Her AD credits include:

- Alice (2018), dir. Or Benezra-Segal

- Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco (2018), dir. Or Benezra-Segal 

- The White Plague (2018), dir. Alexander Raptotasios

Writer - Lydia Vie

She has written several pieces, one of them is currently under pre-production to be made into a film.
Lydia also has a degree in Physiology from Oxford University

Music - Kendy Gable

Gable’s music offers an opportunity to glimpse a tempered soul, showcasing what seems to be the world’s heartache. A victim of wanderlust, Gable has called Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles and the Catskill Mountains her home. She now lives in Berlin where she is working on new music with musician and producer, Claudio Donzelli (Mighty Oaks). Her latest release The Knowledge of the North Woods ponders on the duality of Gable’s life. 

Costume Designer - Aisha Offeh

Aisha Offeh is a London-based costume designer and stylist that works within theatre, film and fashion.
Her latest works feature in:
- The Busy World Is Hushed at Finborough Theatre (2017) 

- 46, (2017) directed by Joseph A. Adesunloye, Best Uk Short Film Raindance Film Festival 2017.

Light Designer - Holly Ellis

Holly trained at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) on the Stage Management and Technical Theatre course, thinking she would leave to become a Stage Manager. Since graduating she has been working as a Lighting Designer with various companies.
Theatre credits include:
- That Girl at Old Red Lion
- Antigone at Bread and Roses
- Vanishing Man and Extinction Event at Pleasance Venues and High Tide Festival
- Sparks at Pleasance Below and High Tide Festival
- Three Winters at East 15 

Poster Photographer - Monique Hoffman

Monique Hoffman is a Dutch Photographer who worked all across the globe on her unique series of photographs Dreamdresses. One of those pictures is Borderline's poster, a perfect emotional fit for this play.

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Borerline's Team & Calima Prodructions


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