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My aim is to set up Boonce-A-Boot inflatables, to set up charity events using local schools and hold events in local town halls for public.

by Michael wiseman in Drybridge, Scotland, United Kingdom

  • For a few years I have wanted to start up my business. Not just hiring out inflatables but giving something to my community. It’s a very small town where there isn’t much for kids to do. I want to set something up when it’s a nice day there is an inflatable world for the kids to explore. There will be something there for everyone.

  • I want to use my business to raise money for charities such as Children in Need and many others. 

  • It has been very hard over the last year. My wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, many people don’t understand this illness but I see it first hand everyday. My wife has good days and bad days being in a lot of pain that something as simple as a gentle touch can trigger off. 

  • I am her sole Carer and working full time to pay the bills there is very little to save up with the cost of living going up all the time. Having this business to run gives me the chance to start my own venture and be at home more for my wife and kids. It gives me the opportunity to spend more time caring for my wife and not having to worry about taking time off work and end up missing bills due to lack of pay from my full time job. It will give my family the extra income and won’t have to worry so much. 

  • To be eligible for Carer’s allowance you have to earn less than £125. For full time workers that also care for a family member there is no help .So I thought about trying this to help get started. So with the help of a small donation in a couple of years I can peruse this dream of starting Boonce-A-Boot

  • I plan to set up the equipment in local town halls to give kids a chance to come and have an afternoon of fun. Going round different schools to get the students involved in helping fund raise for other charities, ( Children in Need, Cash for Kids and many others) 

  • With your help I can get the initial start up finished and can start advertising Boonce-A-Boot.

  • I can’t thank everyone enough in advance for any donation they give, it would mean the world to me. 

  • If I can get an extra £2800 I can get a higher starter pack it will go with what I can afford to pay for it and get the business up and running 

  • Again I can thank everyone enough for any donations made.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

This will get you a free hire for any event of your choice private or charity. A voucher will be sent out once business is set up.

£20 or more

£20 reward

Free company goodies such as hats, T shirts with the logo Boonce-A-Boot, everybody is booncing.

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