BOO - Bamboo Toilet Paper

by BOO in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

BOO - Bamboo Toilet Paper


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To distribute and sell affordable, carbon neutral tree free bamboo toilet paper to the masses

by BOO in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom


            (Above: Bean holding BOO roll- he is very happy they are tree-free)

Hello! Please meet BOO.


Boo is a Bristol born initiative aimed at tackling one major aspect of the climate emergency: our over reliance on felling trees to meet human needs. Que BOO, a totally tree-free toilet roll.


Every single box of BOO not only prevents trees from being cut down, every box plants a tree via the Eden Project. We will plant more trees and do more good by giving as much back to community and planet as we grow. 


(Above: one of our other 5 wraps. This one depicts that we are #treefree)

Approximately 15-million trees are cut down each year in the UK alone.  Globally the number reaches billions. This is something we want to address. 

Most toilet roll sold in the UK is produced from soft virgin wood pulp, 60% of which is imported from EU forests. Trees can take anywhere from 10 and 25 years to reach their maturity. This makes the process of growing trees for toilet roll not only inefficient and unsustainable, but it means by relying on virgin wood we are perpetuating deforestation. This in turn is going to have long-term negative impact on local eco-systems, biodiversity, soil health and air quality. 


Deforestation is cited as a major contributor to our over heating planet with an estimated 46% of all trees lost since the arrival of humans.Healthy soil and rich, dense forests store carbon and are home to over three quarters of all life on Earth according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  Degrading soil and disappearing trees results in more green house gas escaping into the atmosphere and heating our planet. In short, humans and the natural world need native, indigenous trees in healthy soil to restore our planet back to her optimum health. 


With your support we can change this norm,  reduce human reliance on trees to produce tree-free paper from one of the world's most sustainable materials, bamboo. 


By supporting our crowdfund we will produce a sustainable and viable alternative, an initiative we hope will have a markedly positive impact on preserving Earth's forests for years to come. 


Key fact about BOO:

  • FSC approved
  • Our factory work with small bamboo cooperatives
  • Sustainable: Bamboo grows 5-times faster than the average tree
  • Bamboo can heal degraded soil 
  • Bamboo requires less water than trees to grow
  • Carbon neutral 
  • 100% Tree free 
  • + every box plants a tree
  • 100% plastic free 
  • 100% unbleached and chemical free
  • Low energy to produce 
  • ++ We are applying for B Corp status


With your support we will: 

  • Place our first order of BOO roll - an entire 40HQ container full of BOO 
  • If we meet our stretch target we will be able to order bamboo kitchen roll too
  • We will start distributing BOO roll to businesses and individuals who want to be more sustainable
  • Establish strong connections with localised delivery companies that use Electric Bikes to deliver the orders
  • Keep our prices low to remain inclusive and engaged 
  • Engage with all demographics and not limit  our bamboo product to a class or economic group- we vow to stay accessible


Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a moment to read about our project. Every single pledge means so much to Bean and I and our beautiful (BOOtiful!) planet :)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 BOO gift voucher

Pledge £10 and you will receive a £10 gift voucher to spend on BOO when it lands

£5 or more

0 of 500 claimed

4 x Bamboo Straws & Cleaner

You will receive 4 x Reusable Bamboo Straws and a straw Cleaner

£5 or more

0 of 1000 claimed

1 x roll of 24mm/50metres Recycled Paper Tape

1 x roll of recycled paper tape also known as un-cellotape made from recycled paper 24mm wide, 50 metres long

£12 or more

0 of 100 claimed

10 Colour Newspaper Pencils

These are handcrafted in India within a womens refuge. They are made of upcycled newspaper and soy wax with 10 different pigments available.

£18 or more

20 x Bamboo straws + a straw cleaner

20 amazing reusable bamboo straws and a straw cleaner to keep them in tip top condition

£20 or more

£20 BOO Gift Voucher

A £20 voucher to purchase BOO roll once the target has been reached and they have reached the UK

£45 or more

48 Box of BOO roll

You will receive a box of 48 BOO rolls- premium bamboo toilet roll

£80 or more

£80 2 x boxes of BOO roll (96 rolls)

Pledge £80 and you will received x 96 rolls of BOO roll

£160 or more

£160 for 4 x boxes of BOO roll (192 rolls)

Pledge £160 and you will received 4 x boxes of 48 BOO rolls! That's enough to last a couple half a year we gestimate!

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