Book Launch: And then, I died

Book Launch: And then, I died

I'm publishing an entertaining yet serious novel about life after a traumatic abuse. A share of the profits is going to chairty

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Project aim

I'm launching my entertaining contemporary women fiction by the first of October - a share of my profits will go to charity.

About the project

I know what you think when you hear “self-published author.” Well, don’t: some of us are actually really good.

And then, I died, is about a woman who struggles to fit in after her rape. I have written it in view of raising awareness and giving hope and strenth to women who lived through such traumas. 

I have been offered a contract with a traditional publishing house and there it was: a little advance I had no use for, an exclusivity deal completely tying my hands and 7% of my sales. The sad thing is, that’s actually a very decent deal.

Call me insane if you will, but I have chosen the DIY version – I’m self publishing through CreateSpace and will earn about ten times the percentage publishing houses are willing to pledge to their authors.

That has one very big disadvantage : people won’t hear about my book unless I personally promote it. As I’m not delusional as to think every single woman between 18 and 35 is going to wake up, go to their computer and look me up, I have a plan.

Part of it is to produce an amazing, feature like trailer - with a great cast and produced by very talented people - showing entertaining scenes from my book, and to make it go viral.

I actually moved from my two bedroom cottage and into a shared house to save enough money to finance most of this – that’s how much I believe in it. That way, I'm saving over £500 a month that goes straight towards my launch.

I have already sorted my proofreading, editing, hired a photographer to work on the cover - the images above are not edited yet, so it will look even more amazing when she's done with it - engaged a musicien who is creating an original piece of music for my video. I have a producer, have chosen one of the two actors, paid for some of the video production. I can and will do it myself should I have to, but with a bit of help, I will be able to get a much wider audience and the coverage the book deserves. It really is very entertaining, my writing is light, amusing, but I purposefully address issues men and women face nowadays.

I aim to hire a pr team specialising in books, and should I meet my target, that's where the funds are going to go to. Any overfund will go towards a better PR package, and also marketing the video, in order to make it go absolutely viral.

I'm not asking for blind faith. The novel is getting edited at the minute, but I'm happy to share the first two chapters with anyone who whish to read it. They are on my website

Also, I am going to give 5% of my profits of the first to Cat Protection the first year - after twelve months, it will be another charity (I'll get my readers to vote on this) and 5% to Rape Crisis.

Thanks for reading at least some of it :)

May S

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