Bookizo is a social website that allows its users to buy, rent, sell and exchange books in their local area. Users can add their books...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Bookizo ( is a social website that allows its users to buy, rent, sell and exchange books in their local area. Users can add their books and earn money from renting or selling them. They can also browse other users’ libraries that are close to their location. This allows to easily create a social network between people in particular areas. This project was derived from the idea of bookcrossing, but here users can choose which books they are interested in and what they want to read.

Bookcrossing - exchanging books at special, public places, for example in the middle of a local market, and other similar ways for people to get some new books to read for free. Schools, universities, libraries, and shops are being the most convenient places that are used for this beautiful idea. Our project aims to create an online platform for giving, renting and selling books in user's local area. 

Right now, the website main profit source is from the book price comparison in online bookstores (for example, that offer affiliate programs. When user does not find a desired book in his local area he/she has an option to compare its prices in online bookstores, and those bookstores pay us for leading users to their websites.

We seek funding for promotion of the idea of online bookcrossing as well as for payment for programmers, hosting and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

We are planning to add to our website such elements as for example: user reviews of books, user rankings and gamification to user profile. was developed under the company Bluestro Ltd. which is an Internet start-up factory. What makes us unique is:

  1. Location - we have built a team of experienced programmers in Poland, which enables us to create quality projects at much lower cost than in UK.
  2. Experience - there are two people behind Bluestro - Piotr Chynal who is a Ph.D. in Information Technology and is an expert in web-systems, start-up projects and innovation design, and Grzegorz Kowalski, experienced entrepreneur and programmer, who has created successful Internet start-up projects, for example Bitcoin startup
  3. Business Model - since the Internet market is always open for new ideas, we want to turn innovative concepts into functional, successful products. After each project, we will propose a few more new ideas (also investors can submit their ideas). Then investors will vote which idea to implement as the next startup.