BookingGenie - Open Share Offer

BookingGenie - Open Share Offer

To be the leading hotel and restaurant reservation platform across Southeast Asia

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are seeking £10,000 to help launch a new hotel and restaurant reservation app called BookingGenie. It is being developed in Indonesia and we plan to launch in the UK later next year.

What is BookingGenie?

It is mobile app that allows consumers, like you and me, to make a table reservation at a restaurant or lounge or make a hotel booking. And it's free. In addition, it also allows you to book meeting rooms or co-working space, all from one app in real time.

What is the Unique Selling Point (USP)

The app also allows any food and beverage outlets to send out personalised promotions back out to consumers. The promotions are dynamic, in real time and based on certain criteria such as location or consumers preferences. The clever stuff comes when we use the data to predict peoples eating habits and use targeted marketing! The promotions also link to the outlet's Facebook and Instagram pages, allowing for an integrated approach.

How does it work

The app is free for consumers to download and run on either iOS or Android phones. Hotels and restaurants simply pay a small fee for every reservation received. In addition, food and beverage outlets also pay a fee for every promotion they send out. 

Why Indonesia first?

With over a 100,000 full service restaurants and 500,000 hotel rooms, Indonesia is huge! From the chaos and traffic of Jakarta to the beauty of Bali, Indonesia attracts over 10million tourists a year. But that's small compared to its population of nearly 300 million! Indonesia is also the land of the mobile phone, with traditional computers generally confined to the office.

The potential is huge, and with lower development costs and in depth market knowledge we hope this will make the perfect launch platform. Out of the 500,000 rooms, 300,000 are 1-2 star rated. Most of these rooms are not registered with the big on-line travel agents, and as such these are our target audience.

The solution is extremely scalable and flexible to expand into other countries, so our vision is to become the leading reservation platform across Southeast Asia.

So what have we done so far?

Well we have completed the market research, carried out many focus groups, built the prototype app and have over 30 hotel and restaurants signed up ready to start the trial. We aim to go into trial March 2018.

We are currently a team of 4 plus outsourced developers.

All great news! The capital we raise will go towards finishing off the software and launch the full product (first version) ready for major release in June 2018

Join us on Instagram and Twitter @bookinggenie       Please contact us for any information or questions

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