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Bookcade brings the services of a traditional publishing house to the world of ePublishing, with the ease of self-publishing.

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Who we are

Bookcade brings the services of a traditional publishing house to the world of ePublishing, with the ease of self-publishing and no upfront cost. Until now, self-published eBooks were often of poor quality and a poor substitute for a professionally published book. If an author wished otherwise, they had to pay hefty fees to a publishing services company and then self-publish through a company like Amazon with no guarantee that the money spent would generate enough of a return to make it worthwhile.

Currently, many companies are trying to find a solution to the quality issue, but they still require authors to pay the upfront cost for these additional services, much like going to a freelance publishing services company. The biggest obstacle in providing publishing services to every author using the site is the labour needed for such a monumental task. This is the reason that publishing houses are selective about their clients. Bookcade has a unique rewards-based, peer-review system which massively reduces the labour requirement, ensuring that all authors, published and unpublished, can get the best from their books.

We work on the same commission-only system as a self-publishing platform, but with all the services an author would expect from a traditional publishing house. We also reward our authors and customers for having deeper involvement with the company and becoming involved in our online community.

Publishing for the Future

Everybody has a story to tell. Bookcade believes that it should be the best possible version. We aim to make publishing services available to all aspiring authors. This service will initially be available in the UK, followed by the rest of the EU and then the rest of the world.

Bookcade puts freelance professionals in touch with authors for additional services not provided by the core Bookcade team. Illustration/Photography services for cover design and in-book illustration will be initially provided, but in the future translation and audio book services will also be added.

Bookcade utilises a scalable pricing system that ensures that a good book goes for a good price. The more people who buy a book, the more it will cost for future buyers once it passes certain milestones. This acts as a quality guarantee for eBooks that have been on the market for longer, as it becomes easier to distinguish between which ones have been more popular in addition to reading the reviews.

What this means to Authors

40% commission will be taken on all sales through the platform. This means 60% royalties on every sale made. This is a higher return than a publishing house would give and only marginally less than you'd get from self-publishing. We believe that the precious time and effort you spent writing your book makes your custom worthwhile.

Prices will increase as books become more popular.

More services will become available to authors as more books are sold. Eventually, books will be hard-published and sold in bookshops once enough eBook copies have been sold.

Additional services provided by freelance professionals will be available through sacrificing a small percentage of the royalties. This gives you control over how your book develops.

No upfront cost for the service. Money is tight and we know that often you can't afford to spend thousands of pounds before seeing a penny from sales.

What this means to Readers

Better quality eBooks. No more dodgy, self-published books. Our eBooks have had the same care and attention as those you buy in a bookshop.

The chance to grab a good book for a good price. Discover the next big author before anybody else and benefit from our early bird pricing.

Completely exclusive books that can be found on no other site.

What this means to Illustrators/Photographers

Build up a customer base providing a steady income. The more eBooks you provide illustrations or photographs for, the more royalty shares you receive an income for.

Connect with authors easily ensuring you understand the client's needs.

Build an online portfolio. Showcase your work and show off which books you've worked on to receive even more job requests.

Receive author recommendations to build up your reputation. If you've done a good job, we'd like everyone to know about it!

What this means for the Future

Translation services. This feature will be rolled out as soon as the site launches onto the European market.

Audio book services. This will be added in the future as an unlockable feature for authors to choose, allowing even more people to enjoy their book.

Hard copy publishing of book. If an author achieves a special book sales target, they have shown that they are a popular and successful author and their book will be hard published for sale in high-street bookshops. 

And more ... (Secret features that will be revealed in time)

Social Responsibility

Bookcade promotes giving disabled and housebound people a helping hand back into the job market, by giving them the opportunity to work in a job that fits their lifestyle. This gives them the flexiblility and confidence to build their own career and regain control over their situation. This concept originated with the business owner's own experiences with disability and the difficulty of getting hired for jobs.

The boring market research bit

The consumer eBook market was predicted to be worth £300 million in 2013, equivalent to 17% of total consumer book sales, up from £216 million in 2012, when it was 13% of sales. MINTEL Report 2014 (This is the current report. New report will be released end of 2016). The percentage of people buying eBooks has gradually been increasing and Bookcade is ideally placed to take advantage of this growth.

"Publishing is the third most popular category of submitted projects (out of 15) on crowd-funding website Kickstarter, though it is also a category with one of the worst successful funding completion rates (13th out of 15)." MINTEL Report 2014. Whilst there are other routes to getting yourself published without the aid of a publishing house, they still present a challenging ordeal for authors. Bookcade simplifies this process and will build a large customer base for this reason.

We are constantly contacting Authors and eBook owners to maintain up to date with the current state of the publishing process. Most unpublished authors contacted find paying a publishing services company fee difficult, as they usually can't afford the amount with no guarantee of return. An 81 page poetry book with photos, by an Aberdeen-based poet, was quoted at £1,663 after a 20% discount was applied to the industry standard rates (from Society for Editors and Proofreaders). Adamson Design in Glasgow quoted £438 ex-VAT for cover design only. It cost over £2000 ex-VAT for services, before putting the book on Amazon where a 30% commission would be taken off of a £0.99 sale price. Bookcade's approach would have saved them over £2000 and would include a much greater return on their work, if they proved popular.