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Book of Flaps

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On 18th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

FLAPS is a publication with a more honest approach to sex education and the body.

Born from the boredom we feel towards the media's current click-bait approach to body image and gender, FLAPS aims to empower and educate its readers on sex without defining the meaning of attraction. Intent on breaking down the boundaries on what society considers 'sexy', the magazine will only publish uncensored and unedited content, celebrating people in all their glory and communicating that everyone — regardless of physical appearance or sexuality — is beautiful.

The 300-page issue, we're capturing portraits of individuals and couples from around the globe to discuss their unique experiences of intimacy, their own relationship to their body. We're also asking each individual what sex education was like when they were growing up, how it could be better and what they would teach young people if they had the opportunity.

Photo by Mia Clark for Flaps

No Censorship, no advertisers, no air-brushing, no fruit covering genitals and no modelling agencies telling people what they should look like.

"I believe the greatest tool we have as human beings is the ability to communicate with each other, express ourselves. It’s incredible to think we can have conversations and educate one another, but more often than not, we don’t. When it comes to sex and/or our own body we shy away because it’s so personal. I just want to provide a comfortable space to talk about all these things. So for me, Flaps is necessary. " - Tori West, Editor of FLAPS in conversation with WGSN. 

A massive thank you to all of our pledgers. Not only will your pledge help print the book, it will also allow us to share words and thoughts of hundreds of people in the hope we can enlighten others.

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