Book for cancer/heart patients

by chrishillman2014 in Kendal, England, United Kingdom

Book for cancer/heart patients
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To raise awareness for cancer and heart disease patients. It will be written by a heart bypass patient and use real stories.

by chrishillman2014 in Kendal, England, United Kingdom

The words no-one ever wants to ever  'you've got cancer' or 'you have life threatening heart disease'.

This book is the idea of a couple of guys who unfortunately heard those words. Words that in a few seconds turn your life upside down. This book is designed to be a place where people can go to help them cope with the initial anxiety and help them cope with the journey they are reluctantly about to take.

The concept has the support of a major heart Centre of Excellence and a well known cancer hospital. Several top surgeons and doctors have all offered their support and 'open door policy'  to their world.

Although surgeons and doctors are faced with these illnesses on a daily basis they have never had the experience of the journey the patients have. That unique 'first hand' experience is at the core of this book it draws on peoples experiences and brings the human element to the read. Shock, anxiety, family response, strangers who soon become your best friends as they treat you over an extended amount of time, treatment, fear of the unknown all these areas will be covered.

What makes this book unique and highly readable is we capture the black humour that these situations create. The Brits are world class in finding humour in dire situations, none more so than in a room full of people receiving chemo.

The potential for this book is enormous as all of us know someone who has had cancer and statistics say 1 in 3 of us will either get cancer or have heart disease during our lifetime, which gives us a potential readership of over 20million.

At present there isn't a book with the depth of information we are proposing and the first hand input of those who have had this unfortunate journey thrust upon them. 

We boast a world first that we are able to follow doctors and consultants undertaking the treatment and find out what their motivations are for the work they do.

The book will be extremely informative, use real life stories, capture the sadness and the elation of the journey and be incredibly uplifting and inspirational for all that read it.

Remember the Big C is for the comedy the situation creates and not for anything else.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Have a heart

We require around £5000 funding to do the research, travel and get it to a publishing state. We are looking for investment with a ROI of 10% when the book is sold.

Let's make 'Book for cancer/heart patients' happen