by Claire Swindale in London, England, United Kingdom



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To lift the spirits with this timeless, time capturing piece of art-in-a-book. Full of colour designs, dates, facts, memoirs from Lockdown.

by Claire Swindale in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I've funded a 2nd hand scanner to start the project. I understand the costs of setting up and printing.  I need financial support with this and will put any spare money to marketing.  These will be the key to my success.  Trying to spread positivity,

1615241209_naoc_ltd_print_3_sprigs_small.jpg1614006567_swindale_cover_small.jpg1614007012_swindale_2_book_paper.jpgI reacted to the shock of lockdown by starting a large Doodle Book, I'm now on my 3rd, 160 page, A3 book. The books are rammed with colour, designs and positivity. A wonderful coffee book style, with more.

There are notes, and dates relating to national news and events, days when things happened in the world, and to me, thoughts are spilt. Letters to my mom & dad, sharing the excitement of pending visits, visits and special moments, chatting nonsense.




Sadly, very sadly my lovely mom died in September, this is reflected by words and blank pages.  There are no words sometimes.


This book celebrates losing myself in colour, finding myself in colour, ignoring lockdown, passing time, a moment in history.  And one of my most important times in my life.

I've had a wonderful reaction so far; "It's Art and cathartic", "emotional and comforting", "where do you start?", "will you make Prints?", "That'd look good on a wall".


I plan to publish the Book; Not Afraid of Colour, and sell it by launching it and a limited number of prints with exhibition at the Ben Oakley Gallery, Greenwich, in 2021.

On offer are a number of options, to suit all.  Greetings Cards Set, Unsigned Book (150), Signed Book (100), Signed A2 Print (100) Limited Edition of 20, of 5 designs, and Signed Print & Book.  Make sure you opt for a 'reward' rather than donation to ensure you get your goodies. 

This is the design of the Greeting Card.  A set of 10, 148mm white, blank inside cards;


These are the pages I've chosen to be the Limited Edition Prints;


The current plan for the Book is softcover, A4-ish, 250 pages, full colour, as near to the originals as possible.  The Limited Prints will be A2 on quality art paper, 20 of 5 designs.

By opting for a 'reward', one of the above, if I reach my target it means I'll be able to cover the costs of publishing my first run, any funds over and above will be put towards marketing.  Its like ordering in advance.  If I don't reach the target ... I don't want to think about that.  Lets give it our best shot.  I'm totally thrilled by your support, please feel free to spread the word.  This book is a good memento of these times, and will definitely be good for the soul.

Everything will be produced in England.  Setting in Norfolk. Printing tbd. Prints from Thameside Print Studios, Woolwich, London.  The Art Show will be in Greenwich, London. 



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