"I Love You, Me" fund raiser for publication

Raising funds to turn my manuscript into a beautifully polished, packaged, published book, ready for January 2017!

We did it!

On 20th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £3,000 of £3,000 target with 28 supporters in 21 days

In love we heal.

In love we metamorphosize.

In love we become genuine & true.

*Thank you! Thank you!* for clicking and landing here on my pre-launch fund raising page.

As a soul reader & spiritual guide of 15 years I've taught people how to connect with the source of unconditional love & apply it to themselves. Self love is revolutionary on a personal level, and I believe it's the evolutionary catalyst that will shift humanity from torment & suffering to a state of ultimate peace and liberation. I want to live in a more loving world during my life time, and I want to see radical change happen for the benefit of all our children and future grandchildren now.

So I developed & honed this self love practice into a truely transformative yet utterly simple technique, and written about it in the form of 7 steps.

I want to raise money with pre-launch sales to help me finance the editing, layout, publishing, and design costs, and to do a print run of the first batch of books! 50% of this book's profits will go to charities and causes that are helping to change the world for the better  and giving love to those who need it.  

Please help me to help you Love Yourself & Change The World!



Choose what you would prefer to receive from this assortment of pledges, or simply make a donation for any amount you'd like to give.

Your pledges & pre-launch orders make a massive difference to me and I'm super grateful for all levels of your support, including your good wishes and love ~ It's going to be a wonderful new year!

Thank you :)

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