breast augmentation

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I understand this is a long shot but I'm just looking for help in anyway I can. Since I started to become a woman I was fully aware that my breast didn't grow as they was meant to. And for years I have held onto some sort of hope that eventually they will grow normal. It has literally made me depressed and completely in awe of women who take there breasts for granted. I wouldn't even mind if they was small but looked normal! Anyway, I've always battled with this deamon over me which has completely destroyed my confidence especially in relationships, I can't completely be myself because my chest knocks me sick. I always keep my top on no matter what. I fell pregnant nearly 2 years ago and as much as I kmew breast feeding was the best option for my baby I didn't have to think twice I was never breast feeding, they thought of having to get my breast out in public was just a no go and I've felt terrible for it. My baby is happy and healthy regardless but I hate that I couldn't give her what was best for her because of my insecurities. I was stripped of nature! Getting to the point, I've always wanted to get a breast augmentation so I could feel a little bit normal. So recently I looked into prices and have been in touch with a lovely lady who walked me through it all and had me booked in for a consultation. I was aware that the price was way out of my budget as I am a single mother and obviously my baby's needs will always come first. So we settled for a finance option of £155 per month for 2 years. Which is still a ridiculous amount of money but it was something that would make me feel like a woman for the first time in my 24 years. I went to my consultation and I was so embarrassed taking my top off but I kept in mind that it was going to be fixed I won't ever have to feel this way again. So once he had done his thing and poked and prodded we sat down and he explained how I had something called 'TUBULAR BREAST DEFORMITY' I've never in my life heard of this. He explained it's when the breast tissue doesn't form correctly during puberty and instead grows into the nipple which stretches the nipple and makes the breasts look kinda like tubes. (Hence the name) one breast looks completely different for the other they are far apart and quite low. He informed me that the procedure will be a little more complicated than your standard augmentation. He would need to do an uplift as well as implants and then he would have to make the nipples smaller so they looked a little more the same. He explained that they will never be normal but he could make them a look a lot better. So I was relived when I came away that I finally had answers to why I've been feeling the way I have and that it can be fixed. It wasn't until I spoke to the lady that had been helping me and she explained how because it was 2 procedures one that the price had changed  she said it would now be £126 per month for 5 years!! Obviously that was a massive no go, a lot can change in 5 years and that was a lot of money to be paying. A little over 7k which is just impossible for me. This has just made me even more depressed the fact I now know it's something that will never change and it's a ridiculous amount of money I would never be able to afford if I was to change it! Now my only other option would be to go to my doctor and try and get them funded on the NHS which I really don't want to do. The NHS is already being ran into the ground and there is people out there with more serious issues that need help more than me! I literally don't know where to turn I'm desperate for help. I've never been someone that would take of people, I hate taking of anybody even my own family. I've asked for help to lend money and I'll pay it back however I can but I'm not around anyone with that kind of money to help me. Somebody told me about this site so I thought I would give it a shot and see how it goes. Any help is still help and you've no idea how much I appreciate everything and anything. 


Im going to close this off now thank you so much for taking your time to read. I know to a normal person this sounds pathetic but it's everything to me! I just want to feel normal, like a woman instead of a little boy! It blows my mind how someone with boobs can have them made bigger not a problem but someone like me with a deformity has to pay nearly double in price just to make them look half normal. I suppose it is what it is. 


Thank you so much for your time