Kitchen and Classroom refurbishment

Bonterre helps children who can't cope in school learn skills to achieve in life. Funding will pay for the refurbishment of our classroom.

We did it!

On 22nd Dec 2017 we successfully raised £1,040 with 18 supporters in 28 days


Who are we?

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Bonterre is a 15-acre farm  on the outskirts of Worcester that exists to help children understand and reach their full potential. By working on land based tasks with experienced staff, children and young people feel valued and learn important life skills that they need to succeed. 

As a working farm, everything we do has a purpose, so children who struggle to engage in school are motivated to help us carry out productive tasks and in the process, learn how to deal with the emotions and other people. Along the way, children can achieve real qualifications in horticulture that will help them get a job in the future. 

We started in 2014 with a field and a classroom block that had seen better days. Since then we have cultivated the land, built polytunnels, pumpkin patches, flower gardens, and kitchen gardens, all with the help of an extremely talented team an our children and teenagers challenged by autism, ADHD, social deprivation,  other circumstances that limit their life chances.... but we still have the classroom block that has seen better days!

What do the children think?

“I think it helped me by being more interactive with other children and working with other children”

“In school it will help me by being able to believe in myself and being confident on a hard question”

“I think I have become more confident and working with others”

“I felt excited because I rarely go on farms”

“In school, it will help me to express more and if opportunities come my way I will accept them because I may never get to do it again”

Why do we need your support?

Bonterre receives no grant funding from the government. Our services are paid for by the schools that send their children to us, plus a little extra revenue from the sale of produce, community courses in the holidays and our 'friends'. Although this covers our day to day costs, it doesn't pay for any bigger projects... like that old classroom block!

The classroom contains one main room that is our kitchen, dining room, office, therapy room, training room and art studio. A vital part of what we do is our 'family meal' where the staff and children cook and eat together but all we have to cook on is a camping stove.  

Your funding will create an environment that allows us to meet the needs of the children and teenagers far better. For the first time we will have proper kitchen facilities; children will be able to work on craft or learning activities without having to pack up for lunch; we will have a separate space to chat with children in private; and the staff will have a space to make confidential calls. 

We will be fitting: kitchen units, worktops, two sinks with water supplies, a fridge, an oven, a hob, a gas supply, an extractor fan, hygienic flooring, suspended ceiling, two new doors, two new walls, three windows. Plus we will be redecorating all the new rooms. We have lots of support from our volunteers as well as donations of some of the materials but we need money to do the rest.


Will it really make a difference?

Yes! The children we help are often the most vulnerable in society (which is why we aren't allowed to photograph most of them) and they need the best support possible as they become adults to ensure they are able to break free from whatever is holding them back. Many of the children we work with have been excluded from schools and need a supportive environment to work on the skills needed to work with others in a classroom or workplace. These changes to our block will enable us to do that. 

How can I help?

You can support the project by giving! But you can also tell your friends by following and sharing us on Twitter (@Bonterre_CIC) and Facebook (@BonterreCIC). If you live nearby and have some professional building skills then we'd really love to hear from you but we are always happy to receive visitors. Just email Craig ( 

Now click "Support us" and pick your reward.

Thank you so much for helping our children have a better future!

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