Bolton Against Brexit

Bolton Against Brexit

Help Bolton to fight against Theresa May’s hard divisive Brexit!

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Many towns across Britain have been ignored by successive Tory and Labour governments. Bolton is one those places. Our town has a proud history of immigration and helping refugees in need but, instead of helping Bolton grow with the skills, health and education, they seek to rip us from the single market and stoke the flames of division.

The Liberal Democrats have argued for decades that we think the United Kingdom is stronger, safer and more influential when it leads in Europe. We may have lost the referendum but that doesn’t change what we believe to be right for the United Kingdom.

We want to stand for an OPEN, TOLERANT and UNITED town, but we need your help.

With a donation from you we can help fight the divisive campaigns of other parties, fund leaflets and other advertisements, we can say no to Theresa May's hard brexit.

Please help our three Liberal Democrat candidates fight for Britain's & Bolton's part in the world's largest marketplace.