End the "1-party State" in Newham: Boleyn election

End the "1-party State" in Newham: Boleyn election

Labour has 100% of the council seats in Newham. This is bad for democracy. Donate to help the Green Party create an effective opposition.

We did it!

On 3rd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £180 with 10 supporters in 14 days

Labour holds 100% of the council seats in Newham. This is bad for democracy. A recent report by the Electoral Reform Society shows that one-party councils cost us billions of pounds due to daft decisions made when councillors are unchallenged.

Donate to help the Green Party create an effective opposition here.

We have a rare chance to get an effective opposition here in Newham. A by-election has come up in the Boleyn Ward. This is home to the West Ham stadium which is due to be redeveloped when the Premier League team move to the Olympic stadium. 

The developer, Galliard, is a donor to the Labour party. Some Labour councillors are unwilling to hold them to account on their pitiful offer of 22% 'affordable' housing (80% of market rate- so, still unaffordable). The remaining few councillors are unable to oppose effectively as they are in the same party.

Our top class candidate

Frankie-Rose Taylor, our candidate for the by-election, is Newham born and bred. Unlike the Labour, Lib-dem or Conservative candidates, she lives in the ward and has done her whole life.

Not only that, unlike the other candidates, for the last year she has been campaigning to make sure that all the housing built on the site of the old stadium is truly affordable social housing for local people.

We need a strong Green voice to stand up to Labour here and do the right thing on behalf of the people of Newham. Because Newham is such a strongly left-wing area, the Green Party have the best chance of 

What we need

We have just delivered 4,000 leaflets to the whole of the ward. We need more money so we can:

  • Print more leaflets to remind people on the eve of polling day
  • Promote Frankie's campaign on social media
  • Send letters to postal voters
  • Pay for the database software that will help us canvas effectively.  

What you'll get

Here's what you'll get for donating different amounts:

£5: The warm glow of satisfaction from making the world a better place£10: A personal thank you tweet or Facebook mention from Frankie£15: All of the above, plus a Green Party badge£20: All the rewards listed above, and a Green Party poster£50: Get all the above and a Green Party mobile phone cover for your smartphone £70: Get all the above and a Green Party t-shirt£125: A mega pack of all the rewards so far, plus a trip to the theatre with Frankie as your professional guide!£250: All the above, plus a sports massage at your home from Jonathan, one of our Newham Green Party members, massage therapist to the stars...

(By the way, if you don't want a reward, simply choose the £5 reward and then order as much as you want to give.)

If we raise more money than we need, funds will go towards our next election campaign. 

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