Boiling Point

by luke-kdeg in Falmouth

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A tense, domestic, British dark comedy based entirely around the dining table, but we need your help!!

by luke-kdeg in Falmouth

Hello and welcome to the crowdfunding page for Boiling  Point, a tense domestic comedy based entirely around the dining table. Thank you for visting our page, enjoy our video and please give generously.

The Project

We are well into our pre-production and although (as the video suggests) we already have camera/sound/editing kit, we are looking for donations to pay mainly for proffessional actors wages as well as transport, festival money, catering, costumes and loads of other annoying bits and pieces.

We have our crew, we have our location (the beautiful Portscatho), we have our script, we're halfway there, we just need your help to get us over the finish line!

Plot Summary

Boiling Point follows two sets of to-be parent in-laws as they meet up for dinner to discuss the upcoming wedding of their two children. One couple wishes the wedding to be in the Lake District where their beloved daughter has requested. The other couple need the wedding to be down in Southampton, closer to the wifes dying mother. Neither couples want to budge, forcing tensions to 'boiling point'.

Boiling Point is a typical British comedy formed through awkward, private characters and dry, dark comedy. We wish to prove that great films don't need grand stories and that the most riviting, most memorable tales we have are relatable human encounters. The dining table is, and always has been, as well as a communal space, a place of confrontation, where words fight words and tensions are kept awkwardly under wraps. 

The Crew

We are a team of five hardworking and enthusiastic individuals all studying film at Falmouth university...

Writer/Director- Calum Russell

Hello, I'm Calum Russell writer and director of Boiling Point. My love for film spans many different genres over many different countries however British cinema has always been my passion, from the subtle slow building horror of Robin Hardy's Wicker man (the 1973 version, not the ungodly 2006 one) to the awkward, domestic comedies of Mike Leigh. 

I have a strong passion for writing those stories that force your neck to melt into your chest in cringy agony. This is my second writing project of this year, the first of which, Life Insurance, was nominated for the Winchester short film festival, and I hope for this project to reach even higher heights!

Outside of cinematic ventures I'm a passionate foodie, from Pot Noodle to Seabass with a splash of jazzy music (shoutout to Guts).  

Producer- Luke Koch de Gooreynd


Luke has been working in the film industry for the last 4 years. His work has been mainly focused on promo's as well as working on youtube channels (TopJaw, Luke Brit, Lonely leaps). He has produced and devloped his own Channel, KdeG Sessions, that came from a love of music. Singer, runner and Failed beared grower.

Khloe Fry- Sound Designer

I am a sound designer currently studying at Falmouth University. My love for sound design began nearly three years ago and has been developing ever sicne. I have worked on films such as 'Life Insurance' and 'Sanctuary' which further impassioned my love for the craft and increased my knowledge in the field. Boiling Point caught my eye and is another that will continue my desire to be a succesful sound designer in the future. 

I would also love to have my own food truck but I don't really want to smell like grease for the rest of my life. 

Dave Minett- Editor121597-1d9ad0b64a04128d50fdf8572749b502.

Hi I'm Dave. I take inspiration from the great bard himself Lionel Richie. I come with a range of accessories like a certificate in Adobe Premiere Pro, a range of editing techniques and a fantastic personality.

I can also hit the crossbar with a football without looking.

Ethan Ram - Cinematographer 


Hi I'm Ethan, I've always had a passion for photography, and have worked on a range of films, from period dramas to drug trip comedies. I'm highly trained in the art of focusing and tripod levelling. Eric Andre is the source of all of my power, so there's not too much.

So, Why Invest?

Why invest at all, a very good question. We are a tight knit group of friends and collegues who all want to make a fantastic British films not only for ourselves and our donators but for the industry as a whole. We are strong supporters of the local industry and want to see it flourish and thrive, we believe our idea can make that happen, with a strong premise and a dusting of a classic dark British sense of humour. 

This is our final project for our last year at University and we each wish to make it the best film possible ,therefore we want to use proffessional actors who can get the best out of our script and will subsequently perfectly fit our character profiles. 

We are so passionate and confident in this project that much of our own funds will also be going into the project. All the money raised will go towards funding the project both in production and post-production, as seen below. 

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting our kickstarter, please give generously to help us achieve our goals and make the best film possible!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A huge thank you on all our social media pages (Facebook/Twitter).

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A 'Special Thanks' credit in the film and social media/website shoutout on our frequent video updates.

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Exclusive signed Poster from Crew, including all previous perks.

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£100 Reward

A bottle of house red tasted and hand picked by the crew, including all previous perks.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

Our film will be dedicated to you in the opening credits and our production company will be named after you.

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

A short five minute documentary about the individual who invests. (Limited to UK)

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