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On 10th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £650 of £650 target with 36 supporters in 28 days


BOI is an observational documentary surrounding three subjects, who are at different stages of their transitional journey. The trans community has come leaps and bounds over the last few years, however, there is still so much that needs to be done. This documentary focuses on how far the community has come over the last half a century, and what hinders its progression. 


Harry Shaw 

Hey, my name is Harry! 
I'm 22 years old and I am a carer for kids with autism. I love my job and find great passion when doing it.
I wanted to be involved in this film as I strongly believe there is little information out there for people transitioning.

Corey Tait

Hello, my name is Corey and I am 38 years old.
I am a single parent with a ten-year-old son. 
I work as a bingo presenter and truly love it!
I had top surgery 18 months ago and am hoping to fully transition in the near future.

The Crew 


 Dionne Rayner 

Hey, my name is Dionne and I'm the director of BOI!

Firstly, welcome to the crowdfunding page! I'm  really excited and passionate I have had previous directing experience in narrative film, and have also worked on a number of documentaries.
I am very passionate about the subject of this documentary and intend to put my all into creating a beautiful piece of film that gives a voice to people otherwise, in my view, underrepresented in the media spotlight. 
I am going to take care when handling the subject matter, making sure it is dealt with sensitively and compassion. 


Laura Marr


Hello! My name is Laura Marr and I am the producer of BOI.

I am extremely passionate about this project and believe that it can help raise awareness in acknowledging the life of a transgender man. Working tightly alongside Dionne, has allowed us to obtain a strong director producer relationship enabling us to create the best documentary we can.
We plan to make a film that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but has a sense of purpose and will help influence the knowledge of those watching.


 Wesley Trevena


Hello, my name is Wesley Trevena and I am the cinematographer for BOI.

I'm incredibly excited to work on a documentary due to its strong message and the way it explores such an important subject that needs to be addressed. I have worked on documentaries before and aim to make my work thought provoking in a way that will break stigmas and stereotypes on important social issues. My previous work covers mental health and eating disorders. 
Dionne and I have devised an observational style, which aims to make the nature of the documentary, in both the produced film and shooting environments, very naturalistic and intimate.

Sound Design - Tom Snelling

Hello! My name is Tom Snelling and I am the sound designer for BOI.

I’ve worked on numerous films before and over the last year or so and I have fully immersed myself into the world of sound design. 
I am excited to be a part of this film and am looking forward to working with such a talented and kind crew, who each in their own way will bring something unique. 
The most important thing for me when approaching this project is to capture clean, clear and crisp sound and simply let the subjects tell their experiences and their stories.

Editor - Bethan Fairbairn

Hey, my name is Bethan Fairbairn and I am in my third year at Falmouth University!

I am an aspiring editor and hope to take up editing as a career after University and have had experience editing several short films in the past.
I am passionate about working on the documentary film BOI as it is such an intimate subject and will challenge my editing abilities when addressing such an important subject. 

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