Bogo & Flit , A Family Fantasy Adventure Film

We are making an 80's style fantasy adventure film featuring two unlikely friends who must go on an adventure to stop an evil mage.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
"Sometimes the smallest people have the biggest adventures"
When Bogo's people are kidnapped and feisty fairy, Flit, intercepts a plea for help , they form an unlikely friendship and go on an exciting adventure to stop Evil mage Rizus, as he plans to steal love to augment his own magical power and take over the land.
Do you love those classic fantasy movies of the mid '80's?   Films like 'Labyrinth', 'The Dark Crystal' and 'The Neverending Story'. Well so do we!  We want to achieve that same magical feeling of real adventure that truly draws you in to the experience.  Rather than join the current remake culture that for us always falls short because these are part of our own childhood,  we want to present you with something that has the same essence but at the same time is a new story with new characters and a new setting.
The very first idea of Bogo & Flit started life as a couple of little characters based on Mark's eldest children which, needing a vehicle for the characters, turned into 'Bogo the Friendly Goblin' where Bogo is bullied by his people until Flit shows him how to have self worth.  A more complex plot added, the gobbo race is born and Flit becomes far more of an equal character to create the 'Bogo & Flit' we now present to you.
Our cast are a mix of veterans of stage and screen, including cast members from such pedigree as 'Knightmare', with decades of experience  and also incredible new talent who are still attending some of the country's finest acting schools, our cast is overwhelmingly talented, enthusiastic and generally nice enough to share their ice cream.

Our crew is some of the South Wests finest mixing up industry perfectionists who have dozens of films already to their credit with ambitious and passionate volunteers eager to start their own film journey.

Writer/Director Mark has a degree in English and Drama, has studied film at assorted levels and has spent years training and learning to bring this passion project together. 

Our original target is £6000, by raising these funds we will be able to afford to build the puppet cast, finally bringing them out of the design stage and have them as a practical resource for both the film itself and any promotional activities that help us along the way.  This amount will also pay for some equipment hire.  If we can surpass this sum then we can achieve even greater things.

We are hoping to achieve this by offering a variety of rewards, one of which is a copy of the film which is essentially offering a pre-order package! Simply back us here and get a copy of the film when it is released.  For only slightly extra get a copy even earlier than everyone else or with extra features that people who simply wait and buy the movie won't have access to.   Of course if you really love film then you could always take advantage of our mega deal and not only get your copy of the film with all the bonus features, the thanks from the principal cast and a bag of goodies but come and join us for a set tour and a meal with the creator!