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by suelivett in Bognor Regis

We did it
On 8th March 2015 we successfully raised £701 with 10 supporters in 28 days

Please support the Bognor & Littlehampton Green Party. It's time for change, please help us to make the #greensurge happen.

by suelivett in Bognor Regis

Let's support the green surge in Bognor & Littlehampton by helping us fight the local and general election!

It's time for change, please help us to make the #greensurge happen.

We need your help to raise £700 to enable us to fight the local and general elections in May 2015.

The Green Party now has more members than UKIP & LibDems, but we don't have the same level of corporate and vested interest financial backing or media support that other parties have, so we need some help to pay for deposits, leaflets and banners.  Bognor and Littlehampton is seeing more support than ever before and we want to make sure we can make change happen by representing local people who believe in social justice.

We have got some fantastic local candidates, some of whom have a lot of experience in local politics, and who have decided to leave the Lib Dems and join the Green Party.  The Green Party is a natural home for Simon McDougall and David Meagher, with their strong values of social justice, community, environment and determination to make fairer spending decisions. They've got the experience, the personality and commitment to listen and represent us and make a real difference to local people.

We're raising money for the run up to the election. The deposit to stand as an MP is £500 - this is supposed to deter frivolous candidates, but it is a barrier for smaller parties who aren't funded by friends in high places! With your help we will be able to get our message out there and increase awareness.  In some recent polling, voters were asked which policies they would be most likely to support (without being told which polictical party the policy belonged to). The Green Party came out top - our challenge is to tell people why the Green Party challenges the old 2 party system which so many people are fed up with.  

The Bognor Regis & Littlehampton membership of the Green Party support is increasing week by week - let's get the message out that the Green Party is ready and able to challenge the status quo and offer people an alternative. The Greens are standing by local services, including the NHS, we believe in local representation and giving people a say on Europe. 

Your funding will give people in Bognor Regis and Littlehampton the chance to vote green and change the way we do politics, thank you.


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