Body of Doubt

We're fundraising to develop Body of Doubt, a circus show about physical fragility, illness, courage and human resilience.

We did it!

On 7th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £540 with 20 supporters in 35 days

Soundtrack by Isnaj Dui, Lighting design Anna Barrett, Film edit Ben Hooper

Hello! We hope you enjoyed our video! 

What we are fundraising for : Body of Doubt

We're Maddie and Ziggy, aerial circus artists, we're fundraising to support the next phase of an exciting artistic project, Body of Doubt - a very unusual circus performance! 

It's a circus show about the relationship we all have with our body, health and illness. And what happens when the innate trust in our body is challenged. Chronic illness cripples people's lives and is poorly understod, yet it effects millions of people in the UK alone. We want to encourage dialogue and understanding around these issues, and by putting this work on stage, make the invisible visible. 


 We have been invited by Jackson's Lane Theatre in London to do a week long artistic residency in which we get access to a fully equipped theatre space for six days (worth £1000), time to develop our ideas, and a platform showing to a public audience on 1st July. This is a crucial opportunity to build on the work that started last year - we just need the funds to make it happen! 



More about this project...

Last year we were lucky to get a commission from the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research and Life of Breath Project at the University of Bristol to make a new piece of circus-theatre for Feel It festival. We were invited to respond to the work of Professor Havi Carel, who writes about philosophy of illness, how the world changes when a person become ill.

Her writing opened up some very important questions for us about the nature of health and illness which we explored with our director Mish Weaver, and shared in a performance called The Measure of Breath through the medium of aerial circus.......yes you heard right CIRCUS!  

Its important work because anyone of us can suddenly face serious illness ourselves or through somebody we love.  Havi's writing is enlightening and empowering, as well as exploring the difficulities and fears it offers philosophical  strategies for coming to terms with massive life changes.  Havi herself has LAM, a rare respiritory condition and writes from first hand experience. 

We want to use our circus skills to share Havi's writing and our artistic responses with a wide audience.   We made a great start, but with such complex themes, it takes time and delicacy! We found that some things worked and some things did not.  This upcoming residency is a chance to respond to feedback from Feel it Festival, to go back to what worked and make it stronger, and reach a wider audience. 



What we will use the money for?

Were aiming to raise £2000 in a month,  every little helps and will go towards making this powerful and important work happen. ANY amount you can donate is greatly appreciated. 

Funds will be used for:

  • Three Artist fees (two performers and a director)
  • Travel
  • Documentation of the public showing on 1st July
  • A small artistic spending budget (props, costume, etc) for the development week
  • Planning and production time



As well as supporting us in creating this weird and wonderful new circus piece, you could receive the following :

  • £25 - gets you a hand written letter of thanks and postcards with stunning images from the piece.
  • £50 - get you a private aerial rope class with Maddie or Ziggy - learn to climb a rope! OR a video of our favourite tricks in training, your choice.
  • £100 - gets you the unusual honour of having a new element of aerial choreography named after you!





"A treat. The performers gave all they had to involve us in the material"

"The aerial work was amazing"

"incredibly well directed and performed. I loved every second and it definitely made me think about and question the topics brought up"

"quirky and innovative" 

Audience comments from the first showing in Nov 2016 at Feel It Festival, Bristol


Please offer what you can to help us move this important and powerful work forward to its next phase! 

Thank you so much,

Maddie and Ziggy xx 



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