Bobby's Coffee Cup Drop Box Recycling

by Bobby's Stratford in Stratford Upon Avon, England, United Kingdom

Since opening Bobby's in lockdown we've been overwhelmed by the support you've shown us! Week after week, come rain or shine, you're ALL ABOARD for coffees, hot chocs, tasty treats, toasties and the rest... Due to Covid19 and in-line with governing authorities advice, we're not accepting customers re-usable cups. This helps us to minimise contact with people so as to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. This has meant that all our 'anti-waste/pro-recycling' habits and hard-work pre-virus have quite literally been chucked in the bin. We HATE the waste, we hate the overflowing Council bins and we hate the extra costs that we have to absorb as a small business on something that's put in the general waste within 10 minutes of handing it over. We're also very aware of the lack of recycling happening on the Greenway, whether that litter is from Bobby's or elsewhere. We know recycling isn't always easy or fun but we think it's VERY important. And although we can't control where people dispose of their 'take-away' waste, we've been racking our brains to think of ways we can ease the problem.  All of the above is making us feel quite sad inside & that's why we're asking for your help. 

We're hoping that all our lovely customers can spare the price of their morning brew (just £2.50 or £3 if you're feeling fruuuuity!) to work with us to tackle this rubbish situation. If just 86 of you help us, we can install 12 Coffee Cup Recycling Drop Boxes. Made from 100% recycled materials, Coffee Cup Drop Boxes can hold up to 700 used cups. Once full, the Royal Mail collects them & takes them to Kent to a paper mill for recycling. Genius! With 12 boxes, that's 8,400 cups. More money, more boxes, more coffee cups saved from landfill because of US! 

7.8 million cups still end up in landfill or being burned every day in the UK. Our commercial recycling bins and your household recycling will sadly not see those cups recycled because most coffee cups are created with a thin plastic lining so that your hot drink doesn’t leak. This means only specialist facilities can recycle cups into new paper or plastic products. Compostable Coffee Cups (which we also use at Bobby's) are only effective when properly composted. If they too head to landfill, they can't decompose because of the conditions, thus just adding to more throw-away waste. 

If you're happy to help us fund the Drop Boxes, we're happy to do the ground-work & make it easy for the patrons of the Greenway to sensibly dispose of their cups, whether from Bobby's or not. We'll put clearer signage on our own designated cup-bins & sort the cups daily so they're in a state that can be recycled. We'll put signage near Council bins to notify Greenway users that cups can be properly recycled at Bobby's. 

With the pandemic going on...and on...and on... we think this could be the perfect quick-fix for what we're sure is a temporary problem. Post-Covid we hope to see everyone 'sitting-in' at Bobby's and resorting back to their wonderful reusable-coffee-cup ways! But in the meanwhile, working together, we can make sure the Greenway stays litter-free, our coffee cups are recycled & that our morning coffees don't cost the Earth. 

Zoe, Hen & Jess xx

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