Bobbi's operation...

by Andrew Bulmer in Bury, England, United Kingdom

Bobbi's operation...


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Mad Bobbi, the chocolate labrador and life and soul of our family house for the last 10 years has come down with an aggressive tumour whic..

by Andrew Bulmer in Bury, England, United Kingdom

We got Bobbi shortly after we got married (maybe to see if we could deal with kids, who knows) and she has been a part of our family ever since. Never a bad bone in her body, both our girls have kicked her, pulled her ears, tail and nose and never has a growl been ushered.

Now, I broke my back, lost my job and Covid all hit in within 2 months last year and unfortunately the pet insurance wasn't high on the list of priorities so was let go due to Bobbi being in great health and loving all the attention due to us all being off work.

However, the one thing that we weren't expecting was an emergency trip to the vet as she'd developed a lump on her belly. This lump was then diagnosed as a possible tumour, x-rays were done etc and we had deep conversations with the vet regarding the event of the tumour and what was he next step. To get the operation required to remove as much as possible as soon as possible.

Everything is gradually getting back to normal, where bills are being paid etc, but to save up £1,200 will be beyond Bobbi's time here, as the aggressive tumour she has needs operating on now as it may well spread.

She has been more than a rock to me over the years, especially recently when I went through a huge depression and she literally pulled me out of suicidal thoughts and got me back onto a level pegging.

It's now my turn to try and pull her out of what she's going through, to give her the extra few years of her life that she gave me in my darkest hours and that she deserves.

Please, if you could donate anything to this cause then please do, I promise anything raised will keep Bobbi here, keep me here and stop mr spiralling again. This is not a donation, this is to try and raise the immediate money now required for my therapy to survive. I will pay everything back to each individual over the course of the next 12months

It's not a donation I'm looking for, it's a donation of time for my absolute rock...

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