Bob's vet bills

by Vicky Wilde in Glossop, England, United Kingdom

Bob's vet bills


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To raise money to help with Bob's ongoing vet bills after he was injured by a horse.

by Vicky Wilde in Glossop, England, United Kingdom

Bob is fighting for his life at the vet's and has been through surgery to repair a ruptured bladder. He's still very poorly and it's touch and go so he still needs round-the-clock care. I want to do all I can for him, but the cost of veterinary care is spiralling (it currently stands at over £2600) and I don't know how much more I will be able to afford. Bob is not insured - the premiums were too expensive as he is an older dog, and I just couldn't afford to pay such a huge amount every month. I have a little put away but did not envisage something like this happening. I have tried in vain to contact the horse's owner and, even if I manage to find them, there is no guarantee the horse will have public liability insurance. 

Bob did nothing wrong - he was ignoring the horse, on his lead with me between him and the horses (I was knocked over by the horse when it charged at Bob) and we were on a public footpath. We'd passed those horses several times before and they had always been fine. Bob just doesn't deserve an end like this. He is an old dog but he was healthy and strong prior to this attack. With the right care and support I just know he can make it!

Lots of my friends and some of the people of Glossop know Bob. You know how special and cherished he is. Please help me to help him - even if you can only give £1 it will help.