Rudyard Lake Sailing Club - Boat Mover

by Colin Higham in Rudyard, England, United Kingdom

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club - Boat Mover
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We are looking to purchase a boat mover to help launch and recovery dinghy up the steep slipways at our sailing club.

by Colin Higham in Rudyard, England, United Kingdom

Who are we ?

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club is situated in the beautiful rural Staffordshire Moorlands. The lake is actually a reservoir built in 1799 by damming a long steepsided valley, to feed the Caldon Canal. The sailing club is an RYA training centre treaching both new junior and adult sailors. The club offers experienced sailors regular racing and social sailing sessions. Recently a SUP section has been added to cater for this growing pastime.

Why we need your help!

The steep sides of the lake makes it difficult to launch and recover boats in normal times. The slipways range from 14° to 20° gradient, which more than doubles the weight of a boat and when the lake's level is low in summer, boats have to be recovered up hill over 25 metres. 


In the best maritime tradition other club members would step in to help recover a boat. However, with the advent of Covid-19's social distancing and social bubbles, this is no longer always possible. 


The Solution

Already in use at over 20 sailing clubs the L25 Multi-Mover allows a heavy boat to be launched or recovered by a single person. The video below shows it recovering one of our largest double handed training dinghies, a Hartley 15 weighing 336kg.

The L25 has a big enough battery to last all day and can be quickly charged over night.

Who will it help ?

The multi-mover will help long beyond Covid-19. 

  • Sailing is a sport which can last a life-time, but older sailors usually give up the sport when they can no longer face that long pull up the slipway. The multi-mover should add a few years to a sailor's time on the water.
  • Equally, one of the barriers to older adults taking up sailing is the physical demand on the body. The multi-mover should lessen these demands.
  • The multi-mover should speed up the beginning and end of all training sessions, thus maximising training time on the water.
  • Provide emergency backup to safety boat launch and recoveries in the event of a winch failure.

How much will it cost ?

The multi-mover costs £4,906.37. The loss of income due to Covid-19 means it is not possible for the club to fund this purchase. 

Your next step

We would greatly appreciate if you could give generously to help us to reach our target. You can also increase the value of any donation by gift-aiding.

Do you know any companies or organisation who are able to donate ?

Thank You



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