Boa Vida Açai - THE REAL DEAL

Our mission is to offer the purest, most authentic açai experience outside of the Amazon rainforest.

We did it!

On 30th Sep 2016 we successfully raised £10,215 of £10,000 target with 97 supporters in 29 days


Boa Vida, meaning 'good life', in Portuguese, is built out of a love for the vibrant Brazilian culture, the luscious Amazon rainforest and high-quality açai found in the north of Brazil.

There are many ways of consuming açai (ah-sigh-ee) and often it's diluted with sugar and other additives.  However, it is the purest açai with strong flavour cues of cacao and dark cherries that I fell in love with and want to share with others. 


Boa Vida's mission is to create the purest most vibrant acai experience, enhance your overall well-being and support the Amazon community.


100% organic, highly nutritious, premium açai products. 

  • Vegan friendly
  • Naturally low in sugar
  • Made with only natural ingredients
  • Highly-nutritious: undiluted to retain all of açai's unique health properties 


  • Full of antioxidants - 3x more than blueberries! 
  • Lots of healthy fats such as omega 3, 6 & 9 
  • Packed with fibre: 12% of your daily amount
  • Loaded with essential amino acids, with a protein profile similar to an egg!
  • Vitamins and minerals – including vitamin E, potassium and magnesium

açai : ah-sigh-ee


  • It all started in 2014 in a little Brazilian café in London where I tried a traditional açai bowl with granola and banana.  It was heaven AND healthy. 
  • Immediately fell for açai and wanted more, but it just wasn't available in the UK. 
  • Curiosity took over. I decided I had to know all there was to know about açai and booked my first flight to Brazil on a solo mission to find açai berries.
  • Headed straight to the Amazon (only place in the world to find açai palms) and spent 6 magical days in the jungle with a local family, fishing for piranhas, moving in with an indigenous tribe, trekking through the jungle and of course, finding açai. 

  • Travelled along the river to meet with ambassadors who specialise in ecological and sustainable management of Amazonian produce. 
  • Left Brazil with new-found love and respect for the Amazon community, a passion for authentic and undiluted açai and an even greater love for Brazilian culture; their positive attitude and ability to embrace every good moment as if it was their last. This was the life-changing part! 
  • Started creating a world around açai and good life - Boa Vida evolved in September 2015.
  • After 2 years distracted by berries, I quit my job in advertising and went back to the Amazon to meet with suppliers. 
  • Spent a number of weeks building a jungle hut using reclaimed wood from the River Thames. Turns out the wood is classified Brazilian Angelim! Was meant to be!
  • Took the jungle hut to Wilderness Festival and threw the first açai party in the country, feeding over 800 festival-goers pure, authentic açai. We had a ball! 
  • Launched this crowdfunding campaign to launch Boa Vida Açai's first line of pure, premium açai products. 

The BV Jungle Hut at Wilderness Festival 

Boa Vida x LFW

Boa Vida Açai disrupted London Fashion Week as we catwalked with our açai bowls at the Topshop Showspace, bringing a little fun and good vibes to a usually serious affair. Less pouts and poses, more purple smiles :) 



Launching a brand new product, made from extremely unique berries found only in the Amazon rainforest requires some nurturing. Our mission isto give you the best açai experience outside of the Amazon, but also to do this in a sustainable and responsible way. We work with a team of Amazon ambassadors to ensure the açai we source is coming from regions that are producing açai in a sustainable way and where there is only positive impact on the surrounding community. 


To continue on our mission, we need funding to cover the next stage of development in packaging and production to get Boa Vida Açai ready for retail. 

We hope you feel encouraged to pledge and help get Boa Vida Açai off the ground so that we can bring good açai to your lives. More than anything, we hope you feel inspired to join us on this incredible journey and embrace living a passionate and conscious life. 


The pledge value, rewards, and what's included can be seen on the right of this text, but we've described some of the items within the rewards in more detail below: 

  • BOA VIDA AÇAI FROZEN PACKS - 10 packs of 100g premium-grade açai.  Be the first to try at home! 
  • AÇAI FROZEN PACKS & WOODEN BOWL - 10 packs of 100g premium-grade açai, plus a unique wooden bowl to better your new favourite breakfast!
  • BOA VIDA 'FEED YOUR SOUL' T-SHIRT - premium organic cotton t-shirts with Boa Vida logo on front and 'FEED YOUR SOUL' design on the back - as worn by the Boa Vida team at Wilderness festival.
  • PRIVATE YOGA - vinyasa with Boa Vida's original brand ambassador Jenna Moore who offers a deep and enriching practice with experience teaching in Bali and Australia. 
  • FULL PACKAGE - 10 packs of premium-grade frozen açai, the special wooden breakfast bowl, exclusive Boa Vida T-shirt , the açai bracelet and the Boa Vida logo sticker .
  • BIO-AMAZON BRACELET - Did you know açai is 90% seed, 10% fruit? The açai seed bracelets are handcrafted by local craft women who we're supporting in partnership with ambassadors for the Amazon. 
  • BRAZILLIAN DANCE CLASS - learn the traditional partner dance from the north east of Brazil (forró).


We're as much about fun, free love and vibrancy as we are health and superfoods - life's too short!  Boa Vida Açai will continue to host events throughout London and the UK, supporting creativity, diversity and freedom to be your true self. Check our Instagram and Facebook pages to keep updated on where we'll be next!

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