Maralinga Return

by BNTVA in Australia

We did it
On 27th March 2020 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporters in 28 days

We are raising funds to help send 16 Veterans and their families back to Maralinga where they experienced the British Nuclear Tests.

by BNTVA in Australia

On the 10th June 2020, Veterans of the Nuclear Testing program at Maralinga and their families will set out on a long journey to return to the radioactive land where they experienced Nuclear explosions.

Over 60 years has passed since the tests and these brave servicemen want to return to see the lands and to take part in a march with Australian Veterans and the indigenous tribe.

This is a unique opportunity for these Veterans, mos who are in their 80's and the trip will be a long one. At Maralinga, the accommodation is basic and the return will be as if they are back in the service.

Help us achieve this goal, by donating towards the cost of this trip. The trip will take 14 days to complete and will involve, planes, cars and buses.

For most of us, we cannot image watching a nuclear explosion, these men have watched the explosion, felt the heat and heard the blast, they have 'seen the dragon'. Help them to lay their ghosts to rest.

For some, this will be closure on events which changed their lives forever.

Help us achieve our goals.

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