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To help families enjoy learning and discussing money while spending time together, especially during the lockdown.

The problem: 

5.3 million children aren’t getting a meaningful financial education!

Source: MAps

About me

I am a mum to three young adults who have grown up in a single income household and times were often tough.  Ayo, my youngest daughter often liked to bring about 10 of her friends home for dinner, after school, and this activity was costing quite a bit of money. 

A conversation with Ayo and some friends and peers from other schools resulted in an idea to create a card game. It became clear that children did not always understand the value of money and a little help could aid this. 

This is how and why the bMoneywize game was created:

Game uniqueness. It features: 

  • goal setting cards
  • cards which support players to practise managing money
  • a progress tracking feature
  • real-life scenarios which help children relate maths to life
  • card die and a number die which income and expenses.

Also worthy of note is that government-backed studies and surveys reveal that finance education is needed as more young people need to learn about the money. 

Lloyds Bank has started a promotional campaign where families tell us they hardly talk about money! We aim to change this.

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Photo credit: MAps

Photo Credit: Young Money 

Our team is made up of:

- three directors and parents who have an interest in quality finance education for all

- supporting volunteers who help with running workshops, sharing our stories on social media and sponsors who give advice to our management team.

Our support team

Supporters of our cause

The Idea: 

We understand how difficult it is for families to talk about money. We plan to distribute free copies of the much loved bMoneywize board game to 40 local families so children learn at home in a fun, interactive and engaging way. The games will have the names of those who pay £25 and above on them too! 

You may be interested in this ITV News telecast:

Our board games also called personal finance toolkits have been used in schools and homes across the country in the UK (also in the USA, Australia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria). Here is a background to how it works

...."A few bowls of rice lead to the creation of bMoneywize. The idea is that players have to keep and generate money wherever they can. They throw the dice to pick up cards from different categories. Each card throws up a different scenario from an unexpected tax rebate to the boiler breaking down. Players have to work out how to respond in order to protect their money - Monopoly of the real world if you like" BBC - Iona Bain

See photos of the game and its components below and here.

card game1588446126_1588446121348.pnga card from gametote bagGame components include a card mat, a pack of coloured cards, play money, game manual, two dice which control the cards and numbers which you gain in the game.

Game components1588519741_1588519740509.png


Mums play

Ayo an I play with an Aussie family

Our Vision:

We agree with the government's finance education agenda to provide financial foundations to children. Their report suggests that parental involvement with real-life scenarios which help children understand how money works. 


How your money will help:

We plan to distribute free copies of the much loved bMoneywize board game to 40 local families, so children learn at home in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

Games costs £18 to £20 to produce in small quantities and £5 should cover the cost of packaging and postage.

Your giving will get you one or two of our exciting gifts! 

1- a signed board game 

1588446007_1588446002731.pngtote bag

a high-quality tote black bag for your environment-friendly shopping 

- the rest will cover postage and packaging for the distribution of the games and rewards. Thank you for choosing to support this project.

3 - As a FREE gift for stopping by, please download sampler board game cards here!

Here are some comments about the game. 

10 year old Ivie's game testimonial


On mum was so excited she sent this in:

one mum's testimonialone mum's testimonialone mum's testimonial

Thank you for your gift, the children will remember your generosity during lockdown for a long time

As a FREE gift for stopping by, please download sampler board game cards here!

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