Blurt Foundation Yoga Challenge

by Kat Seymour in Sherburn In Elmet, England, United Kingdom

Blurt Foundation Yoga Challenge
We did it
On 4th October 2019 we successfully raised £277 with 24 supporters in 41 days

Blurt Foundation have given me so much sunshine over the past few years through the good times and the bad. Let's help them keep it up!

To support this amazing cause, I will be doing 30 days of yoga and sharing different yoga poses everyday... Please sponsor me to ensure Blurt can carry on helping so many people and ensuring mental wellbeing for the next generation. 

From The Blurt Foundation:

When we launched BuddyBox, we (somewhat naively) thought we’d found our magic-wondrous-yay-way to be sustainable. The key to being enterprising and to fund the work we do and the work we had planned. As it turns out, it’s been much harder than it looks and putting all of our eggs in one basket doesn’t protect us from risks such as another much-larger charity creating a subscription box or from what happens if sales really decrease – which is exactly what’s happened to us these past few spring/summer months; we’ve experienced back-to-back months of dropping BuddyBox sales (we do have plans to address this in place).

In *not* asking for help, we’re cutting off our noses to spite our faces and we’re not entirely living in alignment with our messaging when we urge you to reach out for help when you’re in a struggle. In suffering in silence, we’re existing in a space that’s all too painful, isolating and frightening. And, with our back against the wall, we’re at the stage where we’re looking at there no longer being a Blurt.


Our last shot at survival really, is this crowdfunding campaign we’ve set-up. With the funds raised, it’ll help us to mop up the damage caused by our dismal spring/summer sales and it’ll give us space to regroup and make decisions about funding, whether we should change to charity status, how we spring/summer-proof ourselves in 2020, to implement changes including the ones you lovely lot submitted in The Big BuddyBox Quiz (thank you), to continue being able to work with schools, GPs, community groups and inpatient services, and to explore other ways of fundraising.


Heck yes we do! In trying to find the right words to sum up the difference we make, we thought we’d leave that to you! And so, we collated all of the ‘nice stuff’ we’ve captured over the last two years into a 98-page-pdf for you to read through (tissues needed).

In addition to that, Google Analytics tells us that in 2018 1,130,483 people visited our website (unique visitors) with 3,481,367 pages visited between them. That’s a staggering amount of people who are seeking information to help them understand and manage depression. Our self-care starter kit has been downloaded over 15,000 times. We send out our ‘Nuggets o’ Kindness’ Saturday email to over 18,000 of you. We know that mental health teams, counsellors and therapists use the resources we create and work through them with their patients which is why we popped them all together on one page – they’ve been downloaded 1,781 times in the past month alone.

We’re working with schools who have no funds available due to funding cuts, inpatient services who have very limited funds due to funding cuts, it’s a really tricky landscape with a system that’s broken and we just so want to help in any way we can. The trouble being, we’ve been pouring from an almost-empty cup and we need to batten down the hatches, regroup and top ourselves back up. We’re really down, but we’re not quite out, not yet.

To continue offering these resources we need your support, and we’d really appreciate any donation you can make. If you aren’t able to make a financial contribution, please consider fundraising for us as part of this campaign, and share this campaign loudly and proudly and explain all of the reasons why it, why we, matter to you.’

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