Blurt - Mental Health Heroes!

by Louise Diamond in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Blurt - Mental Health Heroes!
We did it
On 3rd October 2019 we successfully raised £110 with 10 supporters in 28 days

No chocolate Lou? That's the deal I'm making with you and Blurt. Please have a read below to see why these resources are so special to me!

The Blurt Foundation are my heroes. With NHS mental health resources stretched more than my pants, it's these FREE resources that are supporting 1000's of people and helping them and their loved ones to understand and give practical advice on the minefield of mental health.

  • NO CHOCOLATE? Ok so this will also shame me/explain my food baby but I have chocolate every day, I'm talking Willy Wonka amounts. To go without chocolate is a MASSIVE deal for me. September is one of my most stressful months welcoming over 150 new students to our building. If you don't donate for me then think of Scott and his trials dealing with me this month!

Whether you know my story, are somebody or know somebody with mental health issues you will find a blog post that hits you in just the right place. Light bulb moments, ah ha!'s, god I wish I knew that before's. You will find an illustration by incredible artists to make you smile.

They also work with schools to keep those precious minds soaking up the good stuff in such a vulnerable time. 

They sell some kick ass merch too. 

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