Battle of Bluff Creek - Horror Hunters Book 1

by Phil Nolan in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Battle of Bluff Creek - Horror Hunters Book 1
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To create the first in a series of 10 Cryptid based novels.

by Phil Nolan in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

My vision...

My vision is to ultimately create a 10 book boxed set based around a characters interaction with different cryptid creatures.

For my entire life I've been interested in the unexplained, paranormal and the unexplainable.  Yet cryptozoology, the study of Bigfoot, Nessie, Champ, Mothman etc is something that has always fascinated me and stood out.

I'm fascinated that these amazing creatures could somehow exist around us, lurking in the shadows, unseen and ignored 

Yet what if various countries secretly take action to destroy these things when they become a threat to human life?

'Battle of Bluff Creek' is the first novel on this theme and revolves around the main character, an Ex US serviceman being deployed to stop an angry Bigfoot after a number of disappearances.

My thought mechanism regarding these cryptids is speculative yet based on sightings, accounts and experiences I've read about.

If this is a success, subsequent books will be based around Mothman, The Fae and Nessie.  I already have ideas and planning in place for these. (See Below)

(Prospective Cover Design for Book 2)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

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Limited Edition Copy of the Book

Limited to 5 of these, I will send you a paperback copy. With a handwritten note from myself, signed and dated. First come first served with this

£5 or more

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E-Book with Early release date

I will send you a copy of the E-Book before the novels planned release date of 1/11/2019 Forget trick or treating, stay in on Halloween and read this!

£20 or more

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Missing Person?

Over the course of the book three people go 'missing'. So far they are described as "tourists disappearing off the trails". For the pledge amount I will name one of the missing after you and I will include a physical description of your choosing.

£75 or more

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Unique Limited Edition Cover!

I will send you a paperback version of the book, which features a unique cover design. I made a number of different cover designs so far for this novel. I will pick one at random and send it to you. It is unique and no other will ever be printed like it. The novel will also be signed and will have a nice greeting message from me thanking you for your support.

£100 or more

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Minor character in the book named after you

I will name a character in the book after you. The character can fit your personal description. The character is mentioned over the course of a few chapters and dies horrifically at the hands of a Bigfoot. The character will not be featured or mentioned in any other novel.

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