Blue Sky Travel - tackling poverty through tourism

Blue Sky Travel - tackling poverty through tourism

A responsible travel company developing ethical tourism in northern Ghana to help eradicate poverty in the area.

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Blue Sky Travel will offer guests memorable experiences in Ghana’s vibrant Upper East Region whilst using profits to tackle poverty in the area.


Blue Sky Travel is a social enterprise seeking investment to establish its business in northern Ghana. The locally owned and run Blue Sky Travel (BST) will allow guests to enjoy a rich, cultural, travel experience in the knowledge that they are contributing to the development of the area and the eradication of poverty by helping to grow the economy. BST will help to develop Ghana's tourism industry in the north, putting into practice everything learnt from established and successful tourism models in other areas of Africa such as Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.




Blue Sky Travel – Great for the local community

The Upper East Region is a remote, untouched area of the world suffering from extreme poverty, with 70% of people living under the poverty line. The establishment of Blue Sky Travel will positively impact the area in a variety of ways, including:

  • attracting new markets to the region
  • creating important job opportunities for local people, ensuring they can cultivate a healthy livelihood for their family
  • generating funds to be reinvested in social projects in the area run by local non-profit organisation, AfriKids, which works to support the area’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, their families and communities


Blue Sky Travel – Great for the customer

Blue Sky Travel will offer guests a variety of responsible tourism packages to immerse them in the culture and heritage of Ghana’s undiscovered Upper East Region. Carefully designed trips will take travellers off the beaten track into the wonder of real Africa offering the chance to:

  • experience unspoilt savannah landscapes
  • meet traditional rural communities
  • learn about the culture and heritage of the region
  • experience the vibrant and diverse local cuisine, architecture and history

The BST team have over 10 years' experience in designing and delivering unforgettable trips to Ghana, providing guests with a safe and hassle-free trip, leaving them more time to enjoy the area. Blue Sky Travel is designed and delivered by locals, working with communities to ensure that all profits from the business benefit the area and local people.


This is genuinely responsible travel.

We are offering an exciting, one-off opportunity for you to become a Founding Friend of Blue Sky Travel, helping to launch a sustainable business that offers huge opportunity to the deprived Upper East Region of Ghana.



Your support will fund Blue Sky Travel's first year of operation, providing an experienced manager, a base for the company to operate from, investment in sales and marketing and training for local people to ensure all services are of the highest standards. This support will propel Blue Sky Travel from a fledging start-up to a fully functioning and professional business, so that it can start offering incredible travel experiences and benefitting the local community as soon as possible.


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