Blue Neighbourhoods - Verbatim Theatre Project

Blue Neighbourhoods - Verbatim Theatre Project

We aim to showcase a new piece of theatre all about people's coming out stories based on real life people.

We did it!

On 22nd Mar 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 35 days

We are creating a new piece of Verbatim Theatre called Blue Neighbourhoods. The piece will be about people's experience of coming out and how coming out impacted their life. As the piece is verbatim, the piece will be spoken word for word - the way in which the real life people spoke the text during their interview.

The Initial Brief: Blue Neighbourhoods is a Verbatim piece of Theatre based on the album Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan. The piece will be about Coming Out and how the people involved in the project came out to their family and friends. We will interview many LGBT people both young and old from around the county to create the dialogue in the piece. The piece will run as a play with music instead of being a piece of Musical Theatre. The piece will use a lot of AV which seems fitting. There will be many visuals to accompany the particular story that is being spoken.

The Play's Synopsis:  “Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself” Blue Neighbourhoods tells the real life coming out stories of LGBT people of all ages from across the UK. This new piece of Verbatim Theatre gives an insight into how coming out impacts the lives of those who come out and their friends and family. Recommended age 12+

We feel that it is particularly important this year with everything that is happening in the world to create and present this piece about coming out. The piece will really mark and important step in a very political world and we aim to make our mark with this topic.

We need to raise £1500 to stage the piece in July 2017. All of your donations will be very much apprectiated so that we can stage this piece of exceptional theatre.

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