BLPT 2020 - Buy Land Plant Trees Project

by Tree Planter in London, England, United Kingdom

BLPT 2020 - Buy Land Plant Trees Project
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Hopefully the Name of the project gives you a pretty clear indication on what my plan is. I want us to buy land and plant trees. Simple Righ...

by Tree Planter in London, England, United Kingdom

Hopefully the Name of the project gives you a pretty clear indication on what my plan is. I want us to buy land and plant trees. Simple Right? it should be. This is an audacious plan but a plan i believe can happen quickly, and we all know that it needs to..

As we know, there is an increasing call to respond to the Climate Emergency....having said that there’s also an increased call for people to accept that there even is a climate’s time to act...

After a very divided year politically in the UK and through the last few years I think we can all agree that a response to climate situation can be supported across all political stand points and can be supported without causing disruption or anger among the population.

Whilst certain organisations and individuals have done a fantastic amount of work to bring this issue to the forefront of people’s thoughts, sometimes the disruption through protests that have been seen have caused some people to resent the cause and change their opinion or willingness to help. Even today the metropolitan police announce that over 3000 people have been arrested at such protests throughout 2019 for criminal damage and disrupting public transport at a cost of 42 million pound to the police force....imagine what could be done with that money....Let’s move on from this strategy and start a new movement, We don't need to block roads, bridges, public transport to be noticed.

My proposal is Simple ...we raise as much money as we can to buy agricultural land, unused fields, land for sale for farming or land that is not suitable to build on and simply create native woodland, Buy Land, Plant Trees. Working with the woodland trust who can offer grants and funding support as well as other experts in forestry we can convert land that is going to lay empty or not be used to support our future. I'm not interested in buying land for me, I'm not interested in creating farming land or building houses. Many of these parcels of land are really not suitable for anything but creating new woodlands....So lets do just that. 

Whilst many industries look to offset their carbon, and develop new technologies to reduce their use of carbon this all takes time....Government policies can be drawn out and debated for months when rally we don't need this delay. We can implement the change on our own. planting a few trees might seem simple and people may not believe the benefits of a single tree....So lets not plant a single tree. lets plan millions of them, Buy Land, Plant Trees.

It is proven that increasing woodland by planting trees will benefit the air quality for our country and help to offset our carbon emissions. Woodland creation is Not expensive, It can be Quick, Low Risk and is Proven to work, New Woodlands Will capture carbon. The UK has already done a lot to address our impact on the environment and in doing so sits well placed in the world ranking for our net emissions....let’s improve that even more...

Currently 13% of the UK is covered by woodland and this needs to increase. The European average is 37%. Can we better that? If as reported 2/3rds of UK Citizens do not think that climate change is happening fast enough. People want to help but don't really know how, I'm hoping that this opportunity is something everyone can get behind.

I honestly don’t have a target, this is something i believe can grow on word of mouth alone....1 plot of land that could be turned in to a new part of UK woodland would be incredible and a Huge success, but why stop there....can we create new woodlands in every corner of the UK? In every county of the UK? Every political constituency of the UK? Every Post code...1 tree for every member of the UK population?? OK......that’s a stretch goal, but is it impossible??? I really don't believe it is. 

Once we are rolling I will approach some of the biggest contributors to the UKs carbon footprint to change the way they think and to enlist their support.. I don’t believe disruption is the answer....collaboration, a mutual understanding, a common goal and ambition will make this a success...

So Please....give anything you can and let’s get started on this incredible’s time to act

Any questions please feel free to ask...You may not be the only person wanting an answer.

Thank you

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