Blops snacks to the rescue!

by Blops snacks in Harrow, England, United Kingdom

Blops snacks to the rescue!


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At Blops our mission is to enlighten your taste buds by combining nutritious superfoods with delicious gourmet flavours.

by Blops snacks in Harrow, England, United Kingdom

Blops is a social enterprise run by a brother-sister duo (Jay & Niki). By profession, Jay is a chemical engineer who is known for running projects more efficiently. Niki is a pharmacist who is known for uplifting her patients by encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle

Whilst travelling to India the sibling duo discovered the ancient superfood popped lotus seeds. The plant-based seeds are grown underwater and have been used for thousands of years. Traditionally they were used for medicinal purposes due to their high nutritional content.

We started by experimenting in our family kitchen based in Harrow. We roasted the popped lotus seeds with all-natural ingredients to enhance their flavour and add an extra crunch. We had come up with a variety of gourmet flavours which we would take to work & give to friends and family who loved them. We received exceptional feedback and that’s when Blops was born.


"These are mouth-wateringly tasty and addictive in a good way

Over the next few months, we decided to invest heavily and bought new equipment to help us scale up with the increased demand. From the feedback, we received from our consumers we brought out larger sized resealable sharing pouches so the goodness can be spread. We did intensive research and development to bring out new gourmet flavours such as:

  • Blops Sea Salt and Pepper Popped Lotus Seeds
  • Blops Salted Caramel and Coconut Popped Lotus Seeds
  • Blops Golden Turmeric and Spices Popped Lotus Seeds
  • Blops Nutty Popped Lotus Seeds
  • Blops Chocolate and Coconut Popcorn
  • Blops Golden Turmeric and Sea Salt Popcorn


All our products are vegan, gluten-free and contain only natural ingredients. We currently source the highest quality organic popped lotus seeds and combine them with premium flavours. They are much healthier then the fried crisps you see on the market and are perfect for the whole family!


Since Covid-19 hit it was extremely difficult for new snack food brands to promote themselves at trade shows & popup events. We had a goal to be stocked in 4 major retailers by the end of this year but it has been difficult to approach buyers and also footfall within retailers has decreased due to the pandemic. Hence, the money would go towards improving our website & increasing online presence via other online retailers. Also, we would be using this money to increase our marketing budget for advertising via social media, influencers & google ads. 

We feel Blops has huge potential for growth considering we take full responsibility for the operations of the business. We procure premium raw ingredients, manufacture the end product & package it as well.


Helps us rescue the Blops army so we can come and enlighten your tastebuds! Join our campaign today! Even a small difference goes a long way!

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£120 and receive £160 worth of Blops snacks!!

Donate £120 and receive 80 Blops packets!! You will definitely enlighten your taste buds with this offer. #can't go wrong with this offer # do not miss out on this great deal

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£10 Donation

Donate just £10 and YOU will receive 4 of our different Blops flavours! 1. Golden turmeric & sea salt popped lotus seeds 2. Sea salt and Black Pepper popped lotus seeds 3. Golden turmeric and sea salt popcorn 4. Chocolate and coconut popcorn

£25 or more

£25 worth of Blops snacks!

Pledge £25 today and we will reward you with £25 worth (12 PACKS!) of Blops snacks! You will receive 3 packs each of our top 4 best sellers! 1. Golden turmeric & sea salt popped lotus seeds x 3 2. Sea salt and Black Pepper popped lotus seeds x3 3. Golden turmeric and sea salt popcorn x3 4. Chocolate and coconut popcorn x3

£50 or more

£50 worth of Blops snacks

Pledge £50 today and you will receive 24 Blops packs of your choice! Please drop us an email on or DM us on Instagram @blopsforall to let us know which flavours you would like

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Customised flavour just for you

Donate £200 and we will make a customised flavour of your choice In the past we have made custom flavours for our most loyal customers and hence we would like to provide this opportunity for everyone!

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Have a 60 minute Q and A with founders

Have a 60 minute Q and A with the founders and you can ask us anything you want!

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