Bloomin' Buds goes to Edinburgh Fringe

Bloomin' Buds goes to Edinburgh Fringe

We are heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe to carry out research for our next theatre production about the role of working class women.

We did it!

On 13th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £318 with 13 supporters in 28 days

This summer we have been very fortunate in being offered a job to flyer for a theatre company at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We will be paid weekly starting from completion of our first week up there.

However it is costing us £2,500 to travel and stay there for four weeks and so we are on with fundraising as we are going to struggle to foot this cost up front.

Why should you help two girls go on a trip to Edinburgh for four weeks I hear you ask?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival to all who may not know is not a holiday but a working trip, a massive opportunity to network, meet new people, carry out street performances that will act as research for our next performance. 

Why should you help us?
We are two working class girls from West Yorkshire on a mission to prove that anyone can do anything regardless of their background. We tick all the boxes, all the crtieria but we're refused to let the labels stop us! 'low income', 'council estate', 'special measures school' 

It's important to have the voices of the struggling working class heard, now more than ever! 

So if you could make a donation no matter how big or small that would be amazing, that would mean the world to us! 

Each person that donates will receive a thank you message from us personally - it could be a video, an email, a facebook message, an image or a card - if you don't donate you will never know ;)

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