Bloom Jasmine, Bloom

by Yuexin Then in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom


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Hi there, this is our final project and we decided to do something that you seldom see in UK and get to know more about the chinese culture!

by Yuexin Then in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

We are a group of year 3 media students from University Of Sunderland, which consists of six members working together to produce a short film for our final year project under the group name, Meerkat Production. Our idea for the film was inspired by a Hong Kong movie "In The Mood For Love" released in year 2000 directed by Wong Kar-wai, a Hong Kong filmmaker. 

We had adapted our theme for the film to be Chinese Oriented era in Britain during the 60s, where the story narrates the miserable life of a well-educated Chinese lady whose husband is irresponsible and abusive to her due to her husband's addiction on gambling after losing almost all his fortune in the business failure. One day, the Chinese lady had an unexpected encounter with a British gentleman who always fascinated on Chinese culture and Chinese delicacy. Both of them are always on the same page when it comes to conversations, hobbies and foods, thus slowly expressing affections among each other. For her well-being, the struggle on making decision under the current circumstances faced by the Chinese lady will be concluded at the end of the film. 

Our vision on producing such a film is to promote authentic Chinese theme and culture as our group are mostly made up from Chinese students. We would also like to point out the value of romance between the past and present, thus appealing to the masses that must cherish the one you loved. In addition, during the time when the status of women is weak, this film is intended to express that a weak woman can also have the perseverance to earn money to support her family.


The money raised will be used on covering our expenses, such as transportation for us and our filming equipment, props which imported from China for further enhancing Chinese background theme, traditional Chinese costumes, several locations for filming, meals for crews and actors which overally improving the production value of the film itself. With decent amount of funds raise, we plan to present this film to filmmaking contest in Britain.

Let's make 'Bloom Jasmine, Bloom' happen