Blood Prison Post-Production Crowdfunding Campaign

by Chris in Leicester, England, United Kingdom


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We are raising post-production funds for our horror film Blood Prison.

by Chris in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Demonic entities stalk two unsuspecting detectives in a small provisional town. The detectives also encounter a very peculiar prisoner during a long and eventual night shift! Blood Prison is the latest installment in my feature-length horror anthology!


Mia Mills!

1609782444_mia_mills_image_2_.jpgMia is a talented and experienced screen actress from the UK. She has worked on numerous horror films and is highly regarded in the industry. Take a look at her showreel! 

Pete Gibson!


Peter is a stage and screen veteran. This talented performer has appeared in coronation street and countless horror film productions in the UK. We welcome him to the team! Check out his showreel. 

Nest of Vampires! 

Check out the trailer for our feature-length horror film called Nest of Vampires! It stars Frank Jakeman from Game of Thrones. 

Blood Prison Location Shots!





Nest of Vampires Location Shots!






CHRIS SANDERS is an actor, author, filmmaker, and optioned screenwriter. His first novel The Thief’s Son became a Kindle bestseller in 2012. It was consequently read by Weiwei Si who worked as one of the assistant directors on Skyfall the James Bond film. They became close friends and collaborated on a screenplay about the world war two spy Robert Van Gulik. That project is still in development.  

Chris then went on to play twin gangsters in the independent thriller Agent Kelly which was shot in Andalucia, Spain in 2017 with Raya films. Having always wanted to write and direct a horror film, Chris consequently penned the script for She Summoned Him during the summer of 2018. The film was consequently shot in December 2018.  

Chris has recently finished shooting his first feature-length horror film called Nest of Vampires.



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