Blood Is Thicker

A satire on fangs, blood, and identity. One girl delves into myth and mystery to discover what truly runs through her veins.

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On 9th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,000 with 26 supporters in 35 days

Hello and welcome to our Crowdfunder for our short film "Blood Is Thicker". We'd like to offer you a big thumbs-up and a thank you for taking the time to have a cheeky look at our page! We'd love to introduce you to the supernatural world in which our drama is set, so please take a look at our video featuring an advert typical to a world where vampires, werewolves, and zombies are the norm.



There was nothing troubling about being a vampire, with vampire parents, a werewolf best friend and blood for dinner each night. But when her identity as a vampire is suddenly questioned, Linda raises her lifelong suspicions that she might not fit in. Is it just insecurity, or are their deeper reasons for her doubts? This blood drinker may have had more than her fill - but the world is not done with her yet.


The film presents a satire of the coming of age teen vampire genre by normalising supernatural creatures rather than glamorising them. The aim is to create a world in which the tropes of the supernatural genre can remain but do not detract from the story of the protagonist.


Writer/Director: Charles Evans

Charles is currently in the third year of his film degree at Falmouth university. He is an aspiring writer/director, and hopes to carry on making short films after university. Blood is Thicker is the second short film that he will be writing and directing. Charles has also written the script for another short film that will be made this year by a another student film crew. His inspiration for Blood is Thicker comes largely from his love for the films What We Do in the Shadows and Shaun of the Dead, and the way they present the supernatural in an original and interesting way. Similarly his aim for this film is to create a piece that doesn't just rehash old stories, but is original, interesting and fun.

Favourite on-screen vampire: Viago (What We Do in the Shadows)

Producer: Paige Elford

Paige is an aspiring producer currently in her third year of a Film degree at Falmouth university. She has previously been an assistant producer for a short musical film (Upbeat) which inspired her to try her hand at producing her own film. Paige loves the supernatural genre and is excited to produce a film which twists its traditions and tropes. She plans to enter the film into many competitions and festivals and she hopes that the work done to create a subgenre will help the film to stand out from the crowd. Her main aim during production is to keep everyone happy and to make sure that everything is in place to make the best version of the script possible.

Favourite on-screen vampire: Morticia A. Addams (The Addams Family)

Cinematographer: Wesley Trevena

Wes is the cinematographer for Blood is Thicker, working with Charles previously as his DOP, they have devised a provisional visual style for Blood is Thicker that combines influences from Edgar Wright, Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick. These influences will be incorporated to produce an interesting and unique way to capture characters in a teen-vampire comedy scenario. He aims to use his own creativity to achieve stylish approaches to capturing characters in designed environments (set design and lighting). Wes’s previous work as DOP lies in narrative drama but also documentary, and this has allowed him to capture emotion effectively; he has also worked on numerous productions as assistant camera. He is also co-director of Falmouth-based Forgotten Species Productions, specialising in music videos, music events and short films (both narrative and documentary).

Favourite on-screen vampire: Nosferatu (Nosferatu)

Editor: Bethan Fairbairn

Bethan is in her third year at Falmouth university studying film production. She is an aspiring editor who hopes to take up editing as a career after university. Bethan has edited several short films before and is passionate about working on this film because of the challenges it has with editing a comedy in a vampire world. Her inspirations include Edgar Wright and Walter Murch.

Favourite on-screen vampire: Peter (What We Do In The Shadows)

Sound Designer: Cheila Da Fonseca

Cheila is the sound designer for Blood is Thicker. She is kept busy by her role which involves multiple jobs such as recording sound, mixing sound, ADR (though she hopes this will not be necessary - Cornish wind be kind!), sound editing and foley creations. She is excited to work on this project as it is different from other genres that she has worked on before. Cheila has always wanted to work on a comedy and it is exciting to see what she will come up with. She is really looking forward to experimenting with different sounds to create her own original zombie (sound wise of course)!

Favourite on-screen vampire: Selene (Underworld)

1st Assistant Director: Elizabeth Susan Cadman

Libby is currently in her second year of her Television degree at Falmouth University. Libby loves being part of a crew, she currently does a lot of 1st AD work but is a keen and inspiring director. Libby has had professional experience as runner on feature film Wilderness, along with being an intern runner and base runner on new television show Delicious. Libby has previously worked with Charlie Evans, Bethan Fairbarin and Wesley Trevena on their last short film and therefore has a great working relationship and friendship with the crew. Her main interest is making film and television that is interesting and exciting. She’s excited to work on the project as the 1st AD due to the technical challenges that come with the director’s aesthetic of the film and helping create a whole world full of the supernatural.

Favourite on-screen vampire: Count Von Count (Sesame Street)


We truly believe that this is a story worth telling. We have a passion to create something unique but in order to do so we need your help! To make the best film that we can we aim to create a visual world which enhances and reinforces the narrative, this requires good locations and very specific props and costumes. Furthermore we plan to employ professional actors so that the script is translated into the very best performances. Take a look at some of our costs below:

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