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Who are weyou ask... We are an Extreme Sports Charity Raising awareness for Ovarian Cancer and trying to bring fun back into Extreme sports.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Who are we you ask...... 

Well Blizzard Extreme sports was created by one person... recently after having Both his Motocross bikes stolen from his Grandparents house....  He had a Honda CRF250 2011 Buildbase & Honda CR125 2001 plus personal work tools plus more stolen... sadly his house insurance wouldnt cover the loss.

Two weeks later he took part in a historical Endurance Beach race at Weston Super Mare UK in Memory of my Grandmother that sadly passed away from Ovarian Cancer. He managed to not only finish the 3 hour long race and come 231st out of 600+ with zero training or practice i also managed to raise £1200 for the chosen charity... this is where My sports brand was born.

Since being created in 2015 Blizzard have already reached over 9 Million Media Views and over 50,000 Members over two Facebook Pages reaching over 42 countrys, 79% of views are based in the USA. 

We are very well known in the motocross industry for helping others and also trying to raise the awareness of the Charity Ovarian Cancer Research UK.  We also have our own dedicated website plus direct links to a downloadable app for the Ovarian Cancer Research for women to use.

We are averaging between 500,00-600,000 Views per week which is mind blowing with ZERO help or investment... 

Im now wanting to expand the brand and venture into other Media outlets i have started a Youtube account where i upload Gaming videos twice a week with sports games and trying to gain a footing there but sadly i dont have the "latest" technology so struggle to keep up with bigger and established brands in the industry so this is why im asking for help.  

My youtube channel already has over 2million views and 6,000 subs so its already very popular and rising..!! which i personally think it will be a perfect place to promote our charity. 

Im not loking for a free ride or unlimited money and anything donated will go into investing within the brand, i also have full support from the established charity also. 

My first goal is to invest in a PC that will be able to Withstand the latest technology and also enable me to start  Live Streaming also Rendering Videos or edits i make to upload to the Youtube account and also the facebook page. 

i notice alot of brands already have established sponsors or backing so many have a better head start to myself and im doing everything from my old Laptop that i purchased 5 years ago so its rather obvious the laptop isnt up to the standards or technology needed to upload high quality content..!! 

My personal financial position at this moment is i have only recently started back working as i broken my L5 Vertabrae in August 2015 so as you can imagine being self employed savings are depleated hence why i cannot afford to invest in new equipment.

I feel that any investment or backing i can guarentee a return for exposure or views through our youtube and facebook pages and we are only going to expand the more we learn and expand... we have an amazing oppertunity to do something good in this world and also help promote the awareness for Ovarian Cancer Research.. as many young women dont know the first symptoms of the disease... so we can possibly save lives..!!! aswell as help others that need it. 

Please do look at our Social media accounts the links are below,

Facebook- Blizzard Extreme Sports

Twitter- @BlizzardExtreme

Youtube- @BlizzardExtremeSports


Please do check us out and if you have any questions then please message me or contact me throught the social media platforms. 


BJ Dickens

Team Blizzard Extreme Sports