Bliss Soaps - 100% Natural & Organic

Bliss Soaps - 100% Natural & Organic

To start selling handmade soaps, creams, cleansers and bath bombs from home.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Bliss Soaps intends to produce and sell homemade soaps, creams and cleansers. The ethos of the business is to use only 100% natural and organic ingredients, which is gentler to your skin and kinder to the environment.

The majority of similar products that can bought in shops have an element of man-made ingredients or use a chemical process to extract natural ingredients. These can be harsh on your skin and can also damage the environment during production of the ingredients.

Bliss Soaps intends to provide products online and also face to face through market stalls, craft fairs and car boot sales.

·         Bliss Soaps manufactures and sells handmade, natural and organic beauty products

·         The start-up product range includes:

o    Soaps – 7 products

o    Body Butters – 7 products

o    Hair and Body Butters – 3 products

o    Face and Body Scrubs – 5 products

o    Clay Face Masks – 1 product

o    Bath Bombs – 6 products

·         As well as ensuring the ingredients used are 100% natural and organic, the processes used to extract the ingredients are also natural. This makes us unique against existing shop bought products, as they usually contain ingredients stripped using chemical processes and use man-made preservatives.

·         What will make us attractive to consumers is the local availability due to face to face selling and the ability to sample products before buying.

·         Bliss Soaps main goals and objectives are:

o    To become established as a local, trusted seller of homemade, natural and organic products within the first year.

o    To provide products wanted by consumers.

o    To have this business as a main source of income within the first year.

o    To become a limited company within the first 2 years and to have its own manufacturing and shop premises by 5 years.The money raised will be for licenses, ingredients, packaging and an update to existing home equipment.