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Award Winning Choreographer John Ross's interpritation of Mitch Albom's book 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven'. Creating a new Dance...

by johnrossdance in London

Award Winning Choreographer John Ross's interpritation of Mitch Albom's book 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven'. Creating a new Dance Theatre  production in collaboration with Composer Greg Haines. 

The piece follows Eddy who passes on, and before entering heaven fully, he meets 5 important people from specific times in his life. The work explores themes of influence, human connection and the power of even the smallest incidental meeting. 

Five duets relating to the central character Eddy. When Eddy passes away he is old in age and with it, everything age brings. This begins his five steps of meeting five characters who explain to him why they are the one’s he is encountering. His body at first when in this limbo like place is as youthful as when he was a child, no limps or aches. He is free. Throughout each of the duets he begins to age again and again until once more he is the old man he was before passing. Learning an important lesson from each person. No meeting or action goes without a reaction.

As part of the project: We will interview over 60's to be a part of an installation, asking them very specific questions such as: What for you, is the meaning of love? What is it like to be in the body of now, than the body of before? 

We will also host intergenerational workshops with over 60's and under 19's. They will both come together and be paired with one another. They will then create, play and share experiences with one another. 


- Having Greg Haines (composer) in the studio 

- Equal pay for all involved

- Having a producer on board to help aid the project and make sure it has a life after this

- To fund the making of the interview documentary 

We are EXTREMELY grateful to all contributors no matter how small and just want to thank you in advance. 


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