Blind Temper - An 8 Part Police/WW3 Based Series

by Movie Making Media in London, England, United Kingdom

Blind Temper - An 8 Part Police/WW3 Based Series


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It's going to explore the intertwining relationships & cultures within a WW3 British society between the police, military and criminal gangs

by Movie Making Media in London, England, United Kingdom

All about the project

Blind Temper is set during World War 3, within Britain. Focussing on the effects of the war at home, it takes place at a seaside town called Lowestoft. The 8 part series focuses heavily on the intertwining and strained relationship between the military and the local police, whilst crime and gangs are raging out of control. With more resources, manpower and weapons being diverted away from the police and to the military, crime is seriously getting out of hand, however this crime is partially fuelled by the war, corruption and espionage, which also at the same time, is ripping the gangs apart.  Blind Temper doesn't tell the story of the war on the front-lines, it tells the story of the war right on our doorsteps. 


Key players within the project

Blind Temper Director / Creative Film Supervisor MMM

When I walk the beaches of my home town, the old coastal defences from the two wars have always massively interested me, what was it really like to live during those times. The idea of a huge military presence within a now quiet coastal town sounded almost funny, but it is incredibly interesting, the hidden tunnels, old anti-tank traps and numerous deserted bunkers. My name is Jack Grint, and I am the Creative Film Supervisor at Movie Making Media, and am also the Director of Blind Temper. Blind Temper is an ambition combining all of my ideas over my 5 years of film production. Having produced many action films, particularly with a police and special forces focus, I believe that I am now ready to produce the epic series that is Blind Temper. Exploring the themes of WW1 & WW2, adding in the futurist element of WW3 and combining that with a focus of police vs gangs, this story really has something for everyone, and it is a story I cannot wait to tell. 

Blind Temper Producer / Co-Director MMM

I'm Jack RH O'Sullivan, and since I first saw 2001: A Space Odyssey, I knew I wanted to make movies, now I’m a filmmaker with my own company and excellent  team members to work with. I’m a director / writer and the co-owner of MMM. The series is going to be amazing, both to film release. The team are all working hard in the writer's room to produce these ambitious and awesome episodes! Audiences will love this show, because it’ll be amazing to watch. This war torn future series will make audiences think and be grateful in the world they love in. This is our most ambitious series yet. 


Some of the key characters

We have developed key characters across the series that will each play intertwining roles, with each of their decisions having massive impact on the course of the war both at home and on the frontlines. 

  • Henry Phillips is an experienced police firearms commander, and he directly leads the fight against crime. He's motivated by sheer determination to route crime out of his town however this exposes a very dark side to him, hiring the assistance of vigilantes to get questionable jobs done. 
  • Gage (otherwise known as Gordon Richards) is a teenager trying to make sense of this chaotic world he finds himself in. Motivated to be the hero and do his part to help, he has found a skill at catching criminals in his home town, working with seasoned police veterans in a very dangerous and hostile world, often biting off more than he can chew...
  • Ex police counter terrorism officer George Evans, (better known as Skulls) left the police and now applies his expertise to investigate and fight dangerous organised criminals and terrorism. He is motivated by revenge, a blood thirst against the criminals that killed his family, and finds the opportunity to become a blood-thirsty killer in this apocalyptic world.  
  • A senior police officer, Chief Superintendent Michael Jones, is the genuine good guy of the show. He always wants to do the right thing, even if other people don't like the honest truth and always acts in the best interests of his friends and his country, even if it means a sacrifice on his account...
  • A deadly vigilante, who knows more about the gangs than most, owing to her roots being embedded within them, Shadow is a dangerous woman who works on her own account, now turned and motivated to rip apart the gangs that brought her up. However even she realises that the gangs are behaving differently during this war, and suspects someone beyond the borders of the country is influencing them...


A bit about Movie Making Media?

Movie Making Media is a London based production company making high quality media content. We may be low budget but using professional gear and our highly motivated, committed and determined team, we make that low budget look cinematic. This year we have been filming a feature, a web series and written numerous short films to make. Kubrick once said “if it can be thought or written, it can be filmed” and that’s what MMM was born from. We built MMM with that quote in mind. 

MMM specialises in producing web series', features, short films, commercials and are able to be hired for commercial projects and headshots. We specialise in video and photography to "film level standards". 

Why we need your support?

Movie Making Media is a low budget company, and we need your support so we can bring the world of Blind Temper to life. We need people who are equally excited by our idea to help us so that we can build this world, by building sets, dressing locations, designing costumes and gaining authentic props. We also anticipate a large level of CGI is required to make this possible, along with a large number of cast and crew members. Even the smallest donation will make a massive difference in our ability to produce this project in the authentic world we want to produce it in. Just £5 would purchase a prop or item for a costume. And the more we receive, the higher quality environment we can build for our amazing actors to fall into their characters and act in their realistic worlds. 


Thank you for taking the time to read our crowd funder. We massively appreciate it and hope that we can welcome your donation soon!


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Executive Producer - Set & Script Development

You'll become one of the key creatives guiding the project forward, being an executive producer and having a key role to play in the script writing, filming and editing of the project! You'll have a massive influence in the creative direction the project takes and will work will have the opportunity to work closely with the MMM Production Team.

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