Bleu Christmas Cards for EU

Bleu Christmas Cards for EU

Pro-EU Christmas cards in packs of ten of a single design, in six different designs. By Alba White Wolf with Creative Campaigning for EU.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

NOTE: new Crowdfunder for the Carol Singers design only, with flexible funding:

Alba White Wolf with Creative Campaigning for EU bring you colourful Pro-EU Christmas cards to chase away those Brexit Blues

Here are cards to send to your Remainer friends and to your MP to show solidarity and unity, and to raise awareness of campaigning across the country.

The internal message reads 'Merry Christmas to EU'. Also inside you will find URLs for directories of local and national pro-Remain Campaign Groups.

Cellophane-wrapped in packs of ten of a single design with a backslip, these cards come in the six designs shown in the project photo. The circular logo is printed on the back. The cards measure 178 x 127 mm.

The artist is Madeleina Kay.

The minimum order is 12 packs (two packs of each design).  The Rewards are ideal for local and national groups campaigning to remain in the EU and for independent retailers, for redistribution or retail.  Campaign Groups may wish to mark up packs in order to fundraise for themselves.

Please note: If you support this project, your payment will be processed (around 24 October) only if the Crowdfunder target is reached.  Rewards will be received approximately 5 weeks later, during the last week of November. This is due to a lead time for printing of 4 weeks.  

If the target is reached,  a small surplus will be generated which will be donated to the Campaign group Britain for Europe